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For 2010 products have risen in price for 12,8 %, services - on 8 %

Inflation in 2010 has made 8,7 %, is told in the message of Rosstata published on Wednesday, on January, 5th. Thus the consumer price index has appeared on 0,1 % less, than following the results of 2009 (then inflation has made 8,8 %). The greatest rise in prices is noted on the foodstuffs, the consumer price index in this group for a year has added 12,8 %. neprodovolstvennye services   have risen in price for 5 %, and; - on 8 %.

And, last month the left year when people prepare for feasts, and many receive awards and bonuses, the appreciable rise in prices has been fixed. So, in December products have on the average risen in price for 2 %, the goods - on 0,5 %, and services - on 0,4 %. As a whole following the results of December the consumer price index has made 1 %.

we Will remind, officials of Ministry of economic development and trade believed that growth of consumer prices for 2010 will not exceed 8,5 %. Thus inflation has practically kept within the official forecast. Independent experts said that from - for   fires and a drought which have urged on the prices for products, life in the country can rise in price on 9 - 11 %.

Here it is possible to argue and reproach long Rosstat that its calculations are too averaged. But in what converge both officials, and non-governmental economists   - people with low incomes feel a rise in prices more strongly, than more provided citizens. After all rather poor Russians are spent basically for products, payment « communal flats » and other prime needs. And the same groats, a potato, cabbage - the main food of poor men - have risen in price almost twice, but in any way on   average 12,8 %. The Consumer`s basket of people with incomes above an average considerably differs, and many products from it have added in the price not so strongly.

In the meantime Rosstat pays attention that the data on inflation will be still will be specified. Present figures   - preliminary, they are received by results of weekly monitoring of the prices of 62 major goods and services. In total statisticans trace cost of 489 goods and services, and definitively given on inflation will sum up by January, 11th.