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Winter feasts - blow on a stomach?

how we test the digestive system during New Year`s and Christmas feasts, « has talked with gastroenterologom, the senior lecturer of stand of propaedeutics of children`s illnesses of the Belarus state medical university, the candidate of medical sciences Olga Nazarenko.


- Olga Nikolaevna, a leah it is possible to assert, what New year - test for our stomach?

- If it is a question of sitting lasting many hours behind a table with alcohol intake and fat food, of course, yes. By the way, suffers affliction from such excesses not only a stomach, but also a pancreas. And it is a question of such serious diseases, as a sharp pancreatitis which is mortally dangerous.

- For someone the New Year`s feast is fraught only with weight in a stomach or a heartburn, and someone can die of an acute pain... In what cases it is possible most to cope with a problem and when already it is necessary to call the doctor?

- In case of feeling of weight it is possible to accept fermental preparations or the preparations contributing in advancement of food, so-called prokinetiki. It is possible to use kislomochnye products.

But there is a special group of people at which problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path already were outlined. For them New year frequently becomes the starting mechanism of disease. After feasts those rare pains which arise to meal, become regular, calming down only for some time after food intake. Such complaints can be the first displays of a chronic gastritis or stomach ulcer. Here then visitation of the doctor necessarily.

Well and about to call or not to call « fast » I can assure you, fluctuations usually do not arise. At serious diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path a pain so strong that the person practically cannot move and itself understands that without « 103 » not to manage.

Gastroenterolog, the senior lecturer of stand of propaedeutics of children`s illnesses of the Belarus state medical university, the candidate of medical sciences Olga Nazarenko. LEAH


- you said that the best way to adjust work of digestion after feasts - regularly to use sour-milk products. And what of them will be most useful and effective?

- For example, usual curdled milk with storage short term - that says that at its structure there are live lactic bacteria.

- And what about the dairy and other mushrooms, which many of us raise at home in bank?

- On the one hand, it is a sour component which possesses certain merits. The organic acids which are a part of such products, stifle conditionally - pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms. Plus is the good environment for digestion. But to speak about any additional curative qualities it is not necessary. For this purpose simply there is no due demonstrative base. And in certain cases - at stomach ulcer or a gullet inflammation - similar products it is possible also to do much harm.

- Recently became very fashionable « to clean an organism » especially after feasts. How you look at this mass hobby?

- Many of ways of deducing of slags from an organism not only do not bring any advantage, but also break natural microflora of intestines, to restore which then very difficultly.

For natural clarification of an organism it is rational enough to eat and consume necessary quantity of eating fibres which possess sorbirujushchimi properties. These eating fibres are a part neperevarimoj kletchatki and contain in bran, vegetables and fruit.

There are also BUDS and medical preparations on a vegetative basis which are a source of eating fibres. The main thing that these preparations were qualitative.

- organism Cleaning - not a unique extreme measure into which people are ready to run. There is a weight of recommendations about a healthy food depending on zodiac sign, temperament type and so on. In it there is at least a drop of a scientific substantiation?

- As well as in a case with organism clarification normally to feel, it is regular enough and is high-grade to eat. And to eat those products which are characteristic for our region as the same as also the culture of a food, was formed centuries also our fermental system.

And unhealthy control of the person over components and eating value of food to admit, me as the expert very much guards. The similar behaviour speaks first of all about psychological and mental problems.


New year is dangerous to children`s health

In gastroenterology it is considered to be that illnesses zheludochno - an intestinal path become aggravated in osenne - the spring period. But in a case with children it osenne - zimne - the spring period. Splash in diseases occurs in many respects thanks to New Year`s gifts and a food during winter vacation when there is an unlimited use of chocolate, sparkling sweet drinks and « in the winter; last year`s » salads.

« Grandmothers, grandfathers and all numerous relatives, - the doctor calls, - instead of kg of sweets present to children kg of fruit is better! »


with What illnesses feasts

the Heartburn and an eructation threaten arise more often if to touch fat and a spicy food, alcohol, citron fruit and juice. Usually the heartburn is shown in an hour after meal by feeling of discomfort or burning behind a breast that is called zabrosom from a stomach in a gullet not till the end of the digested food.

Advice: watch closely that, as in what quantity you eat. Rescue from a heartburn will be modern gelevyj antatsidnyj a preparation, and here an eructation it is better to wait and draw conclusions on the food.

Weight in a stomach - unpleasant sensation in podlozhechnoj areas from - for low impellent activity of a stomach therefore the food long is late in a stomach.

Advice: in the form of preventive maintenance more to move, and at weight approach to accept fermental preparations and prokinetiki.

the Swelling and a belly-ache . Among principal causes - the dishes rich with carbohydrates for which digestion does not suffice own fermentativnyh substances. nesvarenie, the congestion of gases and a restretching of walls of a stomach and an intestines cause discomfort and a pain.

Advice: to accept fermental preparations. Useful will accept and probiotiki during 2 - 3 days after a feast.

two More variants of succession of events - a lock and a diarrhoeia . A considerable quantity of albuminous and fat food can be the lock reason. Provoke a lock abusing the refined carbohydrates (products from a snow-white flour can also - rolls, cookies, macaroni), a decoy, rice, are very frequent - the chocolate, the aerated drinks and so forth the Diarrhea, most likely, a food poisoning consequence poor-quality products.

Advice: in case of a lock to use during 2 - 3 days sour-milk products, a beet, dried apricots, prunes. If in this time work zheludochno - an intestinal path will not be adjusted, converted to the doctor. In a case with a diarrhoeia - to begin with to find out its reasons (as the further actions depend on it). It is possible to accept the preparations protecting a mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path and sorbirujushchie a virus and toxins.

the Long feast can contribute in occurrence or an aggravation of such diseases, as stomach ulcer, a gastritis, zhelchnokamennaja illness, a pancreatitis.