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On elections Zheleznovodsk was defeated by Alexander Rudakov

the Candidate of the party an United Russia Rudakov has won fight for an armchair of the mayor, having typed 52,37 % of voices that is twice more than at the nearest rival Yury Kochetova (24. 91 %). Candidates on fast of the mayor of Zheleznovodsk Michael Akinin and Imant Vasilev have typed 17. 95 % and 1. 59 % accordingly. As have informed in administration of Zheleznovodsk, to solve, who should supervise over their city in resurrection 41,44 % zheleznovodchan have come.

Remind that in September 2009 deputies of a thought of Zheleznovodsk have countenanced resignation of mayor Victor Lozovogo. Its duties were executed temporarily by Anatoly Korolev, however he has soon resigned. Thus reins of government a city have passed to Alexander Rudakov, at that point in time to the first zamglavy Zheleznovodsk. And, then the regional authorities declared that to Zheleznovodsk strong city - management under city council control " is necessary; And to work local administration it is necessary in close contact to administration KMV. And here now townspeople have decided that it is not necessary to change the power, having told to Alexander Rudakov the Yes .


Rudakov Alexander Anatolevich was born in 1960 Has the higher vocational training.

For the career Alexander Rudakov has had time to visit the chairman of city council of Zheleznovodsk. In 2006, without having passed in a local thought, the politician has fallen back into the shadow. Then worked as the chief of department on maintenance of activity of administration KMV and last year has returned to Zheleznovodsk that, obviously, there and to remain.

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