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Cыктывкарцев mobile swindlers from Siberia

" attack; Gain, I beg! I on a line have turned over. Money of all for pair SMS. Old number have disconnected. Put on this I will weave - one and a half. As the block will remove - I will call back. Money I will return in the evening, and from me is due. Leha У.

Recently SMS - messages with the similar maintenance have simply filled up mobile phones of inhabitants of Syktyvkar. That messages from unknown persons У Leh У and У Sash У swindle, does not call doubt. However still there are trusting townspeople who come across on this fishing tackle.

- Only on March, 12th to us 54 complaints to this sort of messages with the request have arrived to transfer money to a certain bill, - the chief of a staff of the Department of Internal Affairs of Syktyvkar Igor Kleveta on city planerke has declared on March, 15th. - and it only those who was converted to us, and present how much them actually...

Militiamen once again remind that it is impossible to transfer money and call back under suspicious numbers! As practice shows, money called back also can flow away in an unknown direction.

By the way, syktyvkartsam basically messages from number which began on " come; 89133 У. Such numbers are registered in the Novosibirsk region.