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Win two tickets for a concert of Lery - Lery!

on April, 8th in Krasnoyarsk circus with a unique concert one of serial asterisks " will act; Ranetki vocalist Lera Kozlova with the new program Give me a sign .

Admirers are waited by bright show as the singer speaks, - it will be that - that fantastic - space .

In numbers for 23, 24, 25, 26, and on March, 27th will it is published competition between which all participants two tickets for a concert of the singer, and 40 participants will be played, the first carried out the task, will receive the invitation to the autograph - session of Lery Lery which will take place on April, 8th in a press - the centre of our newspaper. All details read in to the fatty on March, 18th .

has begun the autograph - sessions in 15. 00!

On a note

Tickets for a concert stand from 500 to 2 000 roubles and are on sale in circus cash desk. At the group order (from 10 persons) the discount - 5 % is necessary.

the additional information by phone:   (391 295 - 05 - 60

It became known first ten admirers of Lery Kozlovoj which will come on the autograph - session in Krasnoyarsk a concert eks - ranetki Lery Kozlovoj have transferred to recreation centre KRAZa

Lera Kozlova waits for readers in edition!

Krasnoyarsk admirers have presented Lere Kozlovoj a 3-litre jar ranetok