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In Blagoveshchensk water from the burst waterpipe has deluged an apartment house

On days off in Blagoveshchensk around street Zejsky, 327 there was a pipe impulse. From - for this failures some hours almost all central part of a city sat waterless. But most of all has not carried to tenants of the house on Zejsky, 327. Water from a pipe gushed forth in four metres in height. All four apartments has filled in, and before arrival of employees of the Amur Ministry of Emergency Measures tenants had to move on the habitation in rubber boots. And to rescue all things, after all water stood centimetres on 30 from a floor.

- the Pipe has broken through, so to us have told in the Water canal came, estimated, but anything plainly did not tell. There have arrived employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the evening, have pumped out water. But at night it has again gone to houses, has started to rage. It was necessary to call in five mornings experts the Water canal they again pumped out water, - Elena Guljaev, one of inhabitants of the suffered house has told. - All   the carpets, all furniture, that was in an underground, are spoilt.

As the arrived experts have explained to tenants of the house, the house so has strongly suffered, because is in lowland. Now it is necessary for people to make the inventory of all things to which the damage has been caused.

- In the houses which have suffered from a deluge live 33 persons, from them eight children. The majority have settled on the relatives, one person have lodged in hostel Zeya . And one more is in hospital, - has informed   Irina Djakonova, the head of department of an information policy of city administration.

As has informed a press - the secretary of the Amur municipal networks of Anastas Muzurantova, a waterpipe in that place where there was its impulse, it is worn out on 80 %. It is the big percent of deterioration.

- Kommunalshchiki see a problem also that round the deluged house some many-storeyed houses today are located. When they were under construction, roads, most likely, slept off with infringement of building norms, the drain as that was not. Naturally, houses which have appeared in lowland, has deluged. Now city authorities understand, as it could occur and what further to do with tenants, - has told Anastas Muzurantova.