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Brothers Kristovsky: we Dream to act in serious film!

about the life in crisis year Vladimir and Sergey Kristovsky have told to the Nizhniy Novgorod journalists.

- by what I go in crisis? - Vladimir Kristovsky for a second has reflected. - cars at me are not present. But there are five motorcycles, they stand in garage in Moscow. I like to drive on a motorcycle! To buy something new? Not to sell that, that is, - laughs.
- and in the homeland, in Bottom, there is at you any technics?
- yes, kvadrotsikl by the Gorki sea and a sailing boat on a camp site...

- Nizhegorodtsy supported you during participation in extreme show the Big races ...
- On a broader scale the horror was! We had just a rest by the Gorki sea, suddenly a call: Urgently take off for France! It was found out that someone from participants to arrive on races could not, here and have called us. I at all do not like to participate in any shows, especially if it is a question of an extreme. And there... Remember competition with butts and a bull? I sit, means, in a butt, and the bull-calfe has simply unrolled other three butts totally, in one even a muzzle with horns has thrust. But me has carried. Then, I hang on a grid, and the bull, probably, is specially trained - does not butt, so for caviar teeth bites! In general, anything good...

Volodja Kristovsky distributes autographs to the Nizhniy Novgorod fans. Other photos look here.
the Photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

- a leah Is dream at Uma2rmaH ?
- Is! To act in film. We already acted in film, at first in a bit part on the Election day then in a film About, the lucky beggar! . And it would be desirable a serious role, instead of zastavochnuju. But yet do not offer.