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In a disco toilet - a bar in Dobrjanke have established a candid camera

Disko - a bar the Owl it is popular in Dobrjanke (the Perm edge). This bar -   unique where it is possible to light in week night. To drink, have a snack and dance there the youth comes more often. Inside - cosy cloths on little tables, a huge bar counter, a heap of binge, a mirror sphere on polotke, for   didzhejskim the owner " costs the panel; Owls Alexander Obmetko.

He - that also has established a videocamera in a female toilet of a bar. Scandal has burst serious

Inhabitant Dobrjanki Elena Odinokova has come to a disco - a bar with friends, it and has found the chamber.

- In to the Owl two toilets, on one are a badge - man`s, and on other there is nothing it is female, - Elena tells. - I have come into a toilet, what for - that the small black point has looked at ventilation on a ceiling, and there! It is the chamber, precisely! Itself - that I could not get it, have called the guy, it has risen on the battery and wanted to pull out it, but it has been well attached and   has hung on a seeing-off. We left in a hall and to all have informed that in a toilet the chamber. The people   the beginnings was indignant, someone even has left. I on a broader scale will not go now there!

the Owner of a bar to save up to the sanitary technician, has established in a toilet the chamber.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

the People not only was indignant and waved hands. Have decided to call in club militia. Militiamen have arrived, have withdrawn the chamber and have written down indications of witnesses.

- We have inspected: the chamber was established by the owner Owls - the chief of service of divisionals Dobrjanki Sergey Kuzvesov has told. - But the chamber did not conduct shooting, therefore criminal case will not be raised. The owner of a bar has established it for intimidation that to the sanitary technician did not break.

What there to break - that? The sanitary technician the most simple, a toilet bowl, forgive, cheap, white, with the burst cover, and the bowl in a toilet on a broader scale is not present.

- Yes at me already some times to the sanitary technician broke, here I and have put the chamber that concerned more accurately, - Alexander   has told to us; Obmetko. - And record was not conducted.

- And you how itself have felt, unexpectedly having found out in an institution toilet, yes have come to have fun, a candid camera?

- Well, has gone too far, well has not thought