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Protasov debuted with steering-wheels

After management FK Rostov publicly declared that the command purpose in a new season - to take a place not below the tenth, hearts of fans have started uchashchenno to fight. Still, after all last years it is yellow - dark blue floundered in standings cellar, and in 2007 - m and have at all taken off from Premieres - leagues. And here - to fans again have given hope that will be, at last, at stadium the Olympus - 2 both beautiful football, and goals, and a pleasant bill on a board...

the first pancake at the new head coach Rostov Oleg Protasov left a clod. The command which in inter-season period has replenished already with 13 new football players, a single whole did not look and absolutely deservedly has lost Tom` . Visitors from Siberia were more collected, organised, and tactically 66 - the summer trainer tomichej Valery Nepomnyaschy has appeared iskushennee the younger colleague Oleg Protasov.

- that want to wish Oleg Valerevichu? - The correspondent has asked Nepomnyaschy after a match.

- calmnesses. It is not necessary to do sharp movements, and that it is possible to cut fire wood. The championship only begins, on one defeat, let and on the home field, life does not come to an end.

Protasov has been discouraged by the debut:

- could not imagine such beginning. I do not know why, but at us today it has turned out nothing. Probably, players have fused - all - taki the first match of a season, the stadium, was the big desire to act well. Possibly, it also has played with us a malicious joke.

journalists have demanded at once from the helmsman Rostov to bleed : Leah will follow any orgvyvody after such defeat?

- while is not present. It will always be was in time. It is necessary, that emotions have settled, and then already to understand the failure reasons.

thought correct. Because with such game, what Rostov has shown on Saturday, it is impossible to get to ten best teams of the country.  

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Rostov - Tom` (Tomsk) - 0:2 (0:0).

on March, 13th. Rostov-on-Don. Stadium the Olympus - 2 . 10 000 spectators.

the judge: A.Kolobaev (Moscow).

Rostov : Radich, Hagush, Gionja, Grigalava, Andzhelkovich, Ivanov (Sugak, 75), Lebedenko (Lutsenko, 75), Gatskan, Pavlenko, Kalachev, Akimov (Akhmetovich, 61).

Goals: 0:1 - Kornilenko (63), 0:2 - Kornilenko (87).