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The confederation of the Norwegian enterprises is dissatisfied with use of means of oil fund

Confederation of the Norwegian enterprises (NHO) believes that there are not enough means of oil fund has been spent in the country for education, researches and transport.

Last research has shown that only 4 % from the superincomes received since 2001 from oil recovery, have been directed on these purposes.

In 2001 the decision according to which oil incomes should contribute in economy development was accepted. Among these measures researches, an infrastructure, and also a policy in the field of the taxation have been named by priority education.

Now organisation NHO has looked in more details at how the spent means have been used. And the obtained data at all has not pleased them.

the Received means have been spent for many other purposes, instead of what have been countenanced by Parliament in 2001 - the director for economic policy of organisation NHO of P.Brubakk has informed. And it in spite of the fact that oil incomes with 2005 for 2010 have increased by 100 billion Norwegian crones.

the Greatest means (23 %), it agree to data NHO, last years have been spent for various frame agreements. On the second place there are expenses on kindergartens (17 %). Expenses on pension schemes (11 %), warranting of incomes (9 %), regional actions in public health services sphere (8 %) and the international help (5 %) Further follow. And only then means for researches, education and transport, which follow a distance in the sum of 4 % from total of the spent oil incomes.

If we take into account that the means received by communes under frame agreements, contain a part of means for education and transport the general expenses on researches, development and transport will increase to 12 %. We did not use these rich years to invest in those programs about which we initially agreed - has informed Brubakk to newspaper Teknisk Ukeblad, informs an information portal news. penki. lt.