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Slavery at Russian in blood?

further our reader   questions: it is terrible to think that 26,5 million the people destroyed by Stalin and its plebeians, could not destroy Stalin with all this not numerous rack! How such could be?! As on sacrifice went, on the perdition and were silent! Unless it not slavery?! .

and other reader is converted to me personally: you love Stalin? .

I Respond: to   to Stalin, as   and   to   to other historical figures, including Hitler, I concern without any emotions. Even I consider them partly useful in the plan chelovekopoznanija.

Personally Stalin hardly whom has bumped off? Killed   and   tormented, as   you delicately   were expressed, it   rack, and   there was it   rather numerous. As   rural old residents tell on Vyatka, business was, approximately, so. There came to village security officers and took away, according to the plan, several enemies of the people . And in enemies those who could not pay off got not so prosperous and talkative, and. Millions people from the power and power structures worked in it show understanding fine that alloy on torments and death of the innocent. But to these millions, let and indirect, executioners at a society are not present questions. Questions to Stalin. Me the interior partrabotnikov and security officers more interests. Stalin could not know something, could be scatter-brained. But why its millions sluzhak carried out cynically palacheskuju work? Yes for the same reason, as well as oprichniki Ivan the Terrible - the main thing to me is good, comfortable, and on others on !

Upon my soul health, I will tell an authentic case. It was possible to get to talking back couple of years with the woman the former worker of military Office of Public Prosecutor in recent years. And she has told is very ordinary, as they together with colleagues in Soviet period have denounced for five years of the soldier for a crime which the soldier did not make. It has turned up under a hand for the lack of the true criminal. oh, as he shouted then on court and cried! And that was to us to do if so have pressed from district - will not open by November, 7th, epaulets will depart! .

Business   not in   Stalin, and   in   to slavish nature of the little man at the power, ready on any crime to humour the higher chief. The Stalin mode has only shown how much hugely number of executors of will of the Owner. I so believe, come today to the power the tyrant, the number ready to minister to its crimes would be not less, than during last times.

Perhaps I   itself   unduly   it is suspicious, as   that   Stalin, but at   I was not present   trust   to   to the people aspiring   To adjoin   to   to parties in power   and   ready to give the life   to last   drops   blood   for working people clearing . All of them are represented to me by the careerists, ready to humour leaders only for the sake of own benefit. And also ready in a trice to betray those leaders in case of revolutions.

I Will repeat, it   my, probably erroneous   opinion, but made   on studying of Stalin board. But hardly it is possible to assume, what people with nature sluzhak have positively changed for years of democracy?

I Will agree with   the author   heading that   slavery   at (many) people   in   blood, and   not only at   Russian. The German   not less   obsequiously   and   in large quantities   ministered to the Hitler, also went in executioners for the sake of it, but has easily damned the leader for defeat. I think, the leader - the tyrant is terrible not, and the slave ready on any crimes for the sake of will of the tyrant is dangerous. Also not be in the country of millions executioners - there would be to you no Stalin.