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How kemerovchanam to save on journey?

on a transport map to go more cheaply

- the Direct line ? My name is Ljubov Vasilevna. Tell, please, why in Kemerovo preferential travel cards are cancelled?

- Privileges at us in Kemerovo nobody cancelled and is not going to cancel yet. Do not forget that discounts for journey not in cash, and on an electronic transport map now operate. On it fare makes 7,5 rbl. And if simultaneously to put on rbl. bill 500 fare will make 7 rbl., that is every eighth trip will be free. We will remind that the payment in cash at us in public transport makes 8 rbl. the Only thing that we do not sell, - the travel card to bearer which cost 400 roubles, and the travel card for pensioners. At the same time travel cards for schoolboys and for pupils we have left. Unique distinction: If before their realisation went through sale points now these travel cards are on sale through schools and schools.

- Hello, I Svetlana Aleksandrovna. I bought in February the travel card. And in March it can use?

- Yes, certainly. Unique difference that now it is necessary to fill up it.

- My name is Tatyana. Here tell, I have bought a transport map, I have filled up it for 500 rbl. how long I can go on it that my trip managed in 7 rbl.?

- Within this month till April, first.

- Tell, please, there where it is possible to recharge on a map, the commission take?

- Is not present, the commission does not undertake. The only thing, do not forget that the cardboard transport map costs now 30 rbl., and plastic - 70 rbl., and in February we had an action: who got a map, to that to pay for it it was not necessary.

As there will go now pensioners?

- Hello, my name is Vladimir Andreevich. Here is how I understand: these electronic travel cards like plastic cards in bank - if on them means are, you go. Here if I bought the travel card for 400 rbl. and quantity of trips from me have not been limited in a month now it is limited to number of money which are on this travel map earlier. And for schoolboys and pensioners all in the same way?

- srednespetsialnyh establishments the privilege of 50 %, that is for them cost of one trip in buses is given to Schoolboys, pensioners, pupils, trolley buses and trams makes 4 rbl.

- Hello, he is Vladimir Petrovich Berestnev calls, the pensioner from Kemerovo. Tell, why pension travel cards at us in a city have cancelled?

- I Think, you are in vain stirred. With replacement of limitless travel cards by electronic travel cards you lose nothing. You never considered, how much trips make under this travel card for a month and a leah you those drove 50 trips which paid, buying this travel card? With introduction of electronic travel cards we had a possibility it to count. In February this system has shown that only less than one percent of pensioners at us in a city make more than 50 trips to month. It is assured, if you put for these electronic travel 200 rbl. will see that also money remains with you on it in the end of a month, after all fare for pensioners twice is less. And for the summer period if the legislation does not exchange, from May, 1st till October, 1st for pensioners free journey will be established.

- And a leah at us in a city electronic travel cards for preferential categories will introduce: veterans of work, invalids?

- Yes, in the future it is planned to enter social travel cards, it will be already the second stage of the given project, and the most important problem at us - to make so that these categories of the population could use privileges in Kemerovo and in a fixed-route taxi.

- Tell, here in minibuses now veterans Great Otchestvennoj of war can go free of charge. And when electronic travel cards how will be there will enter?

- At us now under the legislation of the Kemerovo region all preferential categories of the population go in public transport free of charge, except a fixed-route taxi. And veterans of the Great Patriotic War can just use free journey to fixed-route taxis the whole day long. With introduction of the electronic travel card in fixed-route taxis this privilege will be saved. A leah

there Will be electronic tickets in minibuses ?

- Hello! Here I know that in buses and trolley buses there are electronic travel cards, and in minibuses it is planned to make it?

- In Kemerovo we introduce the electronic travel card in three stages. The first stage - introduction of the electronic travel card in buses, trolley buses, trams, that is there where there are travel privileges, - goes now. The second stage - introduction of the social travel card for all preferential categories of the population. And the third stage - just use of the electronic travel card in a fixed-route taxi. It will be later when we properly will fulfil this system on social transport.

- In Kemerovo while there are no minibuses where it is possible to use electronic travel cards?

- While is not present.

- And I here saw on minibuses an inscription a transport map

is it is connected by that at us sometimes throw the technics from one route on another, it not always is used only as a fixed-route taxi. But nevertheless at any moment possibility of connection of a fixed-route taxi to this system is.

- Hallo! Tell, and here when the transport map will appear in minibuses there also conductors will work?

- two variants Are possible. In one the conductors provided with special terminals will work also. There is still a second variant - beskonduktornyj.

- And if there will be a chock-full minibus, and the conductor will not be, I should pass the travel card through all salon to the driver?!

- will not be. The beskonduktornaja system operates not so: the terminal will be attached on an input when sit down in a fixed-route taxi, you pay journey, and on an exit once again put a map to the terminal.

- it is excellent! Very conveniently!

you go Further - you pay more?

- Hello, tell, here time at us now in public transport takes root new technologies, a leah probably to make so that the electronic travel card considered, how much I of stops have driven, for example, for two stops from me take less, for five - it is more. Or such at us it is not provided?

- Such at us it will be provided on suburban routes. In a city the tariff at us identical - in buses 8 rbl., in minibuses - 13 rbl. In this respect at us such position: inhabitants Kirov should not pay more expensively, than inhabitants of the Central area. And here on suburban routes tariffs different: depending on quantity of stops which you have driven, there can be to 20 tariffs. For convenience of passengers there is a possibility to introduce beskonduktornuju system. Then calculation for journey will be carried out so: You come into the bus, bring a map to the terminal, and from it the overall cost from initial to a final stop is read out, and on an exit bring a map again, and taking into account that, how much stops you have driven, to you the part of money comes back.

On office affairs it is possible to go free of charge

- Hello, it is Nelli Vladimirovna Efremova. I should go for work with changes, on journey on a city the minimum 30 rbl. a day leaves. It is unprofitable enough leaves. And here tell, limitless travel cards at us in Kemerovo on a broader scale it is planned to enter?

- In their March at us it will not be exact. I advise to you to be converted to the management. Now in Kemerovo some kinds of corporate maps are developed and already introduced. For their registration your employer should be converted in MAU UEZTU . Different variants are possible: Or in working hours journey will be for their owners free, and this period will be paid by the employer, and in the rest of the time you should go at own expense, or some enterprises incur completely all expenses of workers on journey. Especially corporate maps are convenient at those enterprises where work is connected with constant travelling.

it is difficult to leave from work

in the Evening - I am late often on work to eight - nine o`clock in the evening. I go on a transport map, but at me such sensation that in the evening municipal transportation work almost fades. To leave on other coast by the same tram 3 it is almost impossible. Movement intervals make on 30 - 40 minutes. The majority of people work to six - seven hours, and the public transport after six evenings starts to go with a half-hour interval. Why of people - that do not think?

- To trams we, unfortunately, really have problems. You after all understand that such a tram: if the contact network if has partitioned off to it a way any car has torn - the tram has risen. And though at us appears more and more new trams, unfortunately, an order of twenty cars still are in a deplorable state. But, despite it though at us almost all the winter long was on 30 degrees of a frost, trams in our city worked.

- Well and why such intervals - that big?

- you know that we have time rush hour - with 6. 00 to 9. 00 morning and with 15. 00 to 19. 00 evening. At this time we have on a line a maximum quantity of units of transport. Thus the cost price of transportations at us now so high that we do not presume, that transport in a city went through everyone five - ten minutes. Nevertheless we not to admissions and such that someone remained with us at stops. Besides we in Kemerovo have areas where in comparison with Kirov there is less than transport: These are settlements Butovsky, the Pioneer, RTS, - there transport goes to interpeak time of times at an o`clock - ones and a half. In Kirovsk the situation is much better.

- I here till 2005 a vein on Altai, there, if you will leave in ten evenings, even at twelve o`clock in the morning, you can be assured that you will leave by the same tram, and here it is impossible.

- At us too earlier buses went to twelve till one o`clock in the morning, but we do not hide that now last flights at us are reduced. Except their unprofitability, there is one more problem: 3 in Kirov we have cancelled last flights of a tram, because there literally every other day beat glasses. And the same problem at us was in Southern. Especially at this time a volume of passenger traffic already small. And where you work?

- In the private company.

- If at you the schedule such that you should leave late from work, let the employer will take care of you with colleagues: Your company can organise the bus on duty. For this purpose it is necessary for your management to be converted to us into management of the uniform customer of transport services. Here, for example, shopping centres in Kemerovo work for us to 23 - 24 hours, but their workers without effort leave home because many heads care of the workers, that is reserve dezhurki . And a volume of passenger traffic already even at ten o`clock at us small - buses go almost empty, even it is a pity that considerable money is spent for it from the budget.

Why the travel card for schoolboys has risen in price?

- Hello, it is Tamara Ivanovna disturbs. Here earlier at us the travel card for the schoolboy cost 80 rbl. and on it it was possible to make an unlimited number of trips, and now 208 roubles it cost and became limited. Further as will be?

- At us in Kemerovo 43 thousand schoolboys, from them limitless travel cards bought only 8 - 10 thousand persons monthly, and all other children went on 8 rbl. for a trip and no discount for them existed. Now schoolboys at us will pay for one trip 4 roubles. In addition the authorities undertake steps to support families needy and needing it. Now realisation of tickets is carried out through schools and ssuzy.

- And I here from Moscow have arrived recently, there not limited travel card for schoolboys is, 200 rbl. cost.

- But the usual travel card there costs 1300 rbl. Simply it turns out that that one went more cheaply, another should pay more. Hardly this variant will suit the majority kemerovchan.

- Hello, my name is Natalia Viktorovna. My son at school has bought the travel card, and on it why - that is not present the press as was earlier. And should be?

- All perfectly, now the press on the school travel card is not put. A leah

Will return money if the bus has broken?

- Good afternoon, Paul Ivanovich Semenov disturbs you. Here tell how to be, please, to the passenger if the bus has broken, and money is already removed from a transport map? A leah money for journey will come back in this case?

- In similar situations we are guided by rules of passenger transportations. In them it is particularly told that in that case money does not come back back, and the conductor should replace the passenger in a passing direction, that is to public transport any kind irrespective of, it concerns what transport agency because between carriers the corresponding agreement is entered into. And the passenger if it has already paid time journey, will be free of charge delivered to the necessary stop. Nevertheless we have set such problem that in Kemerovo passengers had a possibility in case of need to return money resources on a transport map for the developer of system of electronic travel cards. That is, if the bus has broken, it will be possible to bring a map to the terminal, and the money paid for a trip will be returned the passenger. It begins to introduce probably at us in Kemerovo not earlier than through two - three months for now we use rules of passenger transportations in similar situations.

- Tell, please, why at us in minibuses do not declare a stop?

is, unfortunately, a misfortune not only our city. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide the automatic loud-speaking device in the majority of buses, in particular, in widespread at us stamp buses the GROOVE .

- It is Anna Andreevna disturbs. Recently I went in 16 - j to a minibus, the driver why - that has curtailed on Nogradsky and has told that does not go further. Ostensibly it goes on the reduced route from - for stoppers in rush hours are there was a sixth o`clock in the evening. Thus passengers at landing in any way on it did not notify, and on the tablet the route has been specified the full. At us actually from - for stoppers reduce routes or he/she is the driver himself so has thought up? Why then do not warn passengers in advance?

It is wrong. Such it is possible that in rush hour the route but if it is shortened it should be necessarily specified on the tablet is reduced. Now practically all fixed-route taxis of Kemerovo are equipped by satellite navigating system, earlier buses, trams and trolley buses have been connected to it only. Now at us possibility will see in a mode of real time not only, where the driver minibuses Has curtailed or has not reached, but also with what speed it moves - after all the majority of complaints to work of fixed-route taxis to us arrives in connection with non-observance of a high-speed mode. If similar complaints from passengers on concrete " arrive; a minibus we will necessarily check up. If drivers understand that their each infringement does not remain Unpunished become on - to another it to concern.

Where will tell about electronic travel cards?

There were the questions, concerning uses of electronic travel cards in the Kemerovo transport? Receive answers to them you can, having called in the Center on work with passengers, bodies. (384 - 2) 34 - 66 - 77 (from 8 o`clock till 20 o`clock) or in an information centre under number 8 - 800 - 200 - 55 - 75 (round the clock, a call free).

Where to complain of municipal transportation work?

Want to voice the offers and remarks on work of a municipal transportation or to complain of the dashing driver? Wish to learn how to reserve dezhurku or to issue corporate transport maps for the workers? With these and other questions inhabitants of Kemerovo can be converted in MAU Management of the uniform customer of transport services .