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It is necessary:

2 eggplants,
2 vegetable marrows,
2 red pepper,
2 bulbs,
2 tomatoes,
2 zubchika garlic,
olive oil,
a bunch fresh oregano, a coriander or parsley,
a pinch provanskih grasses,
a coriander pinch,
sea salt,
svezhemolotyj black pepper (and on a broader scale certainly all spices and greens on taste).

we Prepare:

1 . Eggplants and vegetable marrows to cut at first circles, to powder with salt and to leave on 15 – 20 minutes. Then to cut them on small cubes.

2. Preliminary having removed seeds, to cut pepper small strips, an onion and garlic, tomatoes — half rings.

3. In a deep frying pan to warm up 3 – 4 items of a spoon of olive oil and to fry an onion and garlic to a transparency, without leading up to golden colour.

4. to Add eggplants, vegetable marrows and pepper.

to fill in vegetables 2 – 3 items spoons of olive oil and to extinguish 20 minutes. Then to add tomatoes, provanskie grasses, to salt and pepper on taste, to add a coriander and to extinguish 10 more - 15 minutes.

5. to Powder a ready dish with fresh greens.


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