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How much is the call of the veterinary surgeon on the house

- at us was ill Recently the family favourite - a cat of Marchionesses. Cars are not present, therefore have carried it in the bus. In the street it was cold. And, in spite of the fact that the cat has been wrapped up, it strongly froze. The blessing, all has managed, but we want on the future the nobility, how much is to call the veterinary surgeon on the house?
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In different clinics the call of the veterinary surgeon costs on - to a miscellaneous. The sum includes distance to house of the client, and also procedure and operation which will be executed by the doctor, complexity of disease, the price of medicines. On the average, cost of one call fluctuates from 300 to 700 roubles.

- My child goes to kindergarten, since recent time in one group and in a music hall the temperature of air is no more +17 degrees. Children it is necessary to wrap up in warm jackets and panties. Tell, and what on norms should be temperature in kindergarten groups?

As have told in an education municipal government, on norms the temperature should not be below +19 degrees. To complain of conditions of the maintenance of the child it is possible in the same management to the address: B.Sadovaja`s street, 53, ph. 240 - 65 - 02.

If products are placed on a show-window too highly, you are not obliged to pay, if casually will brush away them.
- Recently was in a supermarket, it was pulled behind a bottle of wine and has unintentionally broken it. Me have forced to pay. I for it have, of course, given money. But now I suffer a question: and a leah should do I it?
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- the Buyer not always should pay for the broken goods, - have told in Management on protection of the rights of consumers of the Rostov region. - if, for example, the goods are located highly, passes are cluttered up, bottles from glass stand on the top regiments and the person has casually broken them, it is not guilty, therefore to pay should nothing. But there are cases when the buyer should indemnify a loss for the spoilt goods. For example, if it went on wide pass, has touched with the big bag accurately laid out fragile things or products and has broken them. All depends on a concrete situation.

- recently has carried expensive winter boots in repair. To me have given any piece of paper handwritten, with cost instructions for repair and time when it is necessary to take away them. I come, and the boot is not present - the master and could not find them. Tell where to complain?
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As to us have explained in Management on protection of the rights of consumers of the Rostov region, the receipt - some kind of the written contract between you and the serving organisation. Cost of footwear should be necessarily registered in it taking into account deterioration which is defined by the master. And, if the footwear is not returned in time, you in the right to demand monetary payment in the double size.

but, anyway, now it is necessary for you to send the complaint addressed to the private businessman (all masterful cities on footwear repair concern small-scale business) at whom you were served. If after that a damage to you did not compensate, be converted into department on protection of the rights of consumers (18 - I a line, 17, ph. 251 - 05 - 92).

every day to regulate temperature in trams difficult.

- I constantly reach for work as tram. Has noticed that temperature in cars each time the different. If in the street - 25, in salon cool and as will become warmer - a heat! Explain, why?!
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As it was possible to find out in city tram depot, every day to regulate temperature in trams difficult. Thermal curtains which have appeared in salons of cars last year, work in a constant mode and heat equally - and when in the street it is cold and when warmly. To change a mode every day or week uneasy. Usually it is established for one season. In the winter on the average in a tram +5... +7 degrees. And it is normal. Certainly, in the street the temperature changes quickly: in the morning one, in the evening absolutely another. To be arranged under it there is no possibility. Therefore during the lunchtime frequently in salons happens hot. And now, with approach of spring to heat salons begin less often.

- One of these days went with the grand daughter to circus. On my request to sell to us tickets is cheaper, on a balcony, the cashier has responded that all places there are sold. And when we have come into a hall, it has appeared that the balcony was absolutely empty. Then rostovchan a deceit force to buy in circus the most expensive tickets?
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As have explained in circus management, rostovchan anybody and did not think to deceive. Simply the circus premise is very frequent private businessmen who carry the shows on the country lease. Therefore and on cash desk local cashiers, and employees " sit not; guest IP, at which rules of work with clients.