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That will be with the Kirov high schools

Since 2010 entrants cannot enter high schools or their branches where now study less than 500 students. To those children who in them now are engaged, will allow to study up. He/she is the head of Federal agency by training Nikolay Bulaev names soft reduction . But educational institutions where it is less than students 300, it decided to close or merge at once with stronger and scale educational institutions. Those who in them studies, will translate in other high schools.

Small institutes, according to the official, remind trading stalls and booths which in the beginning 90 - h have captivated years streets.

In the Kirov region about 30 high schools and branches. Some of them, to put it mildly, not so large. In region there has passed check of Rosobrnauki. It has appeared that branches are at each state Kirov high school. Many branches try to defend. So, in Kirovo - Chepetsk branch VGU prepares engineers. Graduates - experts after the fifth year go to work on the industrial enterprises of a city.

- If this branch to close, the enterprises, and gradually and the city, will be doomed to extinction, - pro-rector VGU Veniamin Rykov considers. - hardly on the enterprises there will go young experts from Cambridge or from other universities. And education which is received by students in the Kirov region, - is already recognised - one of the best in Russia. It is not necessary to kill all good.

the Situation was commented by the assistant to the head of department of education of the Kirov region Alexander Izmaylov.

- about any closing of high schools speech does not go. Checks in Federal educational institutions, only about a parity with the legislation in an education sphere have been spent. Within a month Rosobrazovanie will prepare certificates of writs which to high schools will be necessary for executing, - Alexander Mihajlovich has told.