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Where to descend uljanovtsam this week

on March, 15th

E zhegodnyj open festival JUmorina - 2010 .

15. 00, Institute of aviation technologies and management (avenue Sozidatelej, 13).

annual open festival JUmorina - 2010 . Traditional festival JUmorina 2010 with participation

the higher and average educational institutions of Zavolzhsky area.

the Meeting with workers of back This day we approached as could .

on March, 17th

11. 00, Podkurovsky KDTS the Solemn thematic fireside.

the Concert program.

55 years from the date of education of Mordovian Kanadejsky rural library MO the Nikolaev area

on March, 18th

13. 00, with. Mordovian Kanadej, library,

MO The Nikolaev area

Oral magazine Thumbing through the page past show - benefit performance of the best readers With the book on life competition summarising Reader`s records

Literary - a musical composition And not without reason the name - Languages " was necessary to it; devoted 206 - letiju from the date of N. M.Jazykova`s birth.

on March, 18th

13. 00, the Reading room of TORMENTS Intercolony library . Literary - the musical composition will tell about life and N. M.Jazykova`s activity, the Russian poet.

the Concert On front roads Responsible Potapov V. V

on March, 18th

17. 00, Gavrilovsky SK the Thematic concert for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, workers of back within the limits of regional festival of a patriotic song In glory of Great Victory .

the National Azerbaijan feast Navruz

on March, 19th

18. 00, the Big hall of the Center of national culture In the program of action of performance of creative collectives in national suits, execution of products on Azerbaijan and russom languages

There is a courage accessible to little (100 years from the date of a birth of the Hero of the USSR A.N.Ruznjaeva)

on March, 19th

14. 00, TSRB, rural libraries of area, together with club establishments a memory Lesson: film presentation There is a courage accessible to little created by pupils, the story about life of the Hero of the fellow countryman.

the Accounting concert of pupils and teachers Nikolaev and Kanadejsky DSHI the Spring opening day

on March, 20th

16. 30, small hall MKDTS, a hall Kanadejsky DSHI, 16:30 Display of creative successes, demonstration of ability of game collectively, in an orchestra, in VIA, a musical collage of pupils and teachers.

the Celebratory action devoted to the International day of the puppeteer. it is founded by the International union of figures of theatres of dolls. It is marked with 2003  

on March, 21st

14. 00, GUK the Ulyanovsk regional library for children and youth of S.T.Aksakov . In the program:

- Draw DVD - a player among the most devoted spectators;

- Photo-exhibition Actors of theatre - characters of favourite fairy tales . Voting for the favourite actor (character)

the Premiere of performance the Whim

on March, 21st

17. 00, OGAUK the Ulyanovsk regional drama theatre . While performance for inhabitants and city visitors of Ulyanovsk.

the Book day off After the Fad - Gorbunkom

on March, 21st

10. 00, GUK the Ulyanovsk regional library for children and youth of S.T.Aksakov To 195 - letiju P.P.Ershov. The monthly family action: games, competitions, quizes, loud readings, viewing animated and feature films.

Regional festival of a patriotic song In glory of Great Victory devoted 65 - j to anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

on March, 21st

11. 00, the Big hall Terengulsky KDTS. In festival take part MO Belogorsky rural settlement kindergartens the Sun the Cone :

- the thematic, dramatized program is presented by the best collectives and soloists of settlement, preschool centres.

Thematic evening Our memory not to erase for years within the limits of a regional marathon we Will remember all by name devoted 65 - oh to anniversary of Victory in Century of Island V

on March, 21st

14. 00, Recreation centre with. Tushna. It is planned to read at evening by name all fellow countrymen who have left on front.

Regional festival of choral collectives the Spring thaw devoted 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War.

on March, 21st

12. 00, the Regional Center of culture of the river of the item of Main. Performance of choral collectives of area with execution of songs about the Great Patriotic War, summarising.