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How to look stylishly and elegantly

the Modern young man aspires to be fashionable and elegant, especially in solemn situations . One of the major events - a graduation party. Young men and their parents should spend often a lot of time and forces to look as effectively, as their charming schoolmates.

in Kirov has asked the selling assistant of one of known shops - men`s wear salons to give to graduates advice: on what to pay attention at a choice of a suit and how correctly to pick up accessories to it.

1. For solemn occasions of the man choose clothes of light shades from natural or mixed, enough easy fabrics is more often. Today quality of a suit defines not only high cost and a material practicality from which it is sewed, but also a convenient cut. Trying on a suit, necessarily walk   - look, how much ideally he sits on your figure, pay attention to length of trousers and a jacket. You should not only it is beautiful to look, but also comfortably to feel.

2. The important role is played also by colour of a suit   - today in a fashion rather wide colour scale. It is possible to choose safely not only classical black or any shades dark blue. Very elegantly look grey (from deep anthracite to almost bleached ashes), beige, pistachio, golden and white tone.

3. Buying a new suit, it is necessary to think and of a new shirt. It necessarily should be combined with a suit on colour and the fabric invoice. It is necessary to remember: If a sabanon not white, and ts vetnaja, it should be more light a tie, and the tie is more dark than a jacket. Under an easy summer suit it is possible to pick up a bright shirt with a short sleeve or even a beautiful T-shirt.

4. A tie - the card of the man. If you choose not monophonic tie colour of its drawing should be combined with tone of a shirt. The width of a tie depends on what lapels at your suit: the jacket lapels, the more widely a tie, and on the contrary are wider.

5. Well and the last - very important remark. You will look modern, is elegant and with a glamour if take on a graduation party confidence and good mood!