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Visit of the American diplomat to Novosibirsk: « All of us taki the different countries? »

more weeks has passed from the memorable event, which diplomatic circles of the USA from giving of the new state secretary name whether reboot whether an overload ... It is a question of such delicate aspect as mutual relations between two great states. The pressure was, and it is not hidden by partners, both on that party of ocean, and at us.

But now if to believe the diplomats, the new state secretary has included taki a button and reboot has begun...

Only it is sick similar on a virtual matrix... We not sceptics, we simply are afraid of a dirty trick, or is more exact - slyness which is generated by big-times politics laws. Surrenders to us that reboot about which so diligently tell in gosdepe the USA, probably and has not begun at all. Why?! - I hear rebuke of sceptics. The fact remains - the new command in the white house it is loyal to the Russian management, and dialogue is possible . The legend is As they say fresh, but is believed hardly... Several weeks ago Siberia   has grasped a diplomatic cyclone the high-ranking employee of embassy of the USA in Russia, and in the past - the American diplomat in Ukraine, (nowadays the assistant to the attache on culture of embassy - a comment of the author) Jeffrey Anisman by a whirlwind it was carried by across Siberia . Has visited NSU, has met and the public of our city. The place for dialogue with Siberians has been chosen rather democratic: a conference - a hall in regional library.

And so it would be desirable to write, is not present to scream - long-awaited reboot has taken place! the visitor, has openly answered problem questions which disturb to development of our mutual relations . But, at a meeting with the public in library, the visitor has told, how cut off: I will respond on anglijski . (It thus that he not badly owns also Russian, - a comment of the author).

Also on - anglijski Anisman left and from delicate questions. However, let`s not make comments, and only steadfastly we will listen attentively in a political garnish of the facts and arguments:

- mister Anisman how you estimate present mutual relations of Russia and the USA?

- that Russia   and the USA should be on friendly terms among themselves and find the compromise in the complicated questions, it was clear for a long time. The new presidential administration of the USA heads for such mutual relations, and it is the right way.

- instead of a leah is some slyness what the USA gives indirect support to the Antirussian actions of the Ukrainian president while this slavonic state is very close to Russia and it has the right to count on the help of the neighbour?

- I not in a course of this problem, but dare to assure: the policy of the USA is always directed exclusively on the interaction, therefore no negative here should be.

-   as you consider in this connection   Ukraine has supported Georgia in the conflict to northern Ossetia?

- what for you ask me about political problems connected with Russia, I you should ask it about it .

- in   a number of mass-media there has passed the information that in Crimea   under instructions of the political country leaders with a view of easing of the Russian influence and derivation of attention from economic problems prepares provocations against objects of the Black Sea fleet.     how you estimate such possibility?

- actually I not in a course. You know more than I. I cannot unfortunately .          

- but as then to regard a primary position of the USA, its policy of double standards. To take for example, revolution of roses in Georgia. A leah will be as that in new administration to be reconsidered this position?

- not so I understand, you speak about what policy of double standards. Against saakashvili odnaznachno inhabitants of the USA on meetings were voiced during Georgian - Osset opposition. America - for a peace resolution of conflicts and dialogue.

  - the double policy it for example   the approach to the question decision in serbii and Georgia. Serbia have divided, having created precedent, and concerning Georgia have made the international scandal. Different interpritatsija   same as a matter of fact events of events.    

- I in such specific situations do not want zalazit. My latest work in embassy tel - abib   -   a press - the attache. There were such questions and I could tell much that. And here I will have problems   if I that that such tell.

- and how you estimate reaction of the Kirghiz authorities to closing of the American military base in manase?

- representatives of the government should respond to this question kirgizii, estimate their decision I have no right.   as well as to argue - it is good or it is bad.

- then a question not from policy sphere: how you estimate a present uneasy financial situation in the world and what can be its consequences?

- crisis, alas, has thoroughly struck on world economy, and now more than ever all countries need to keep together. Consequences of time of financial disorders we see already now: a large quantity of the unemployed and to Russia, and the USA. But, let us assume, in comparison with great depression the present situation not such patovaja, also would be desirable to hope that the world leaves crisis soon.

- but despite crisis and other disorders you today in capital of Siberia. What your impression of Novosibirsk   and Siberia as a whole?

- Siberia   I very much love: at you madly beautiful nature and many interesting and clever people. By the way, one of my close friends of Tomsk. In Novosibirsk I any more the first time, and in delight from opera theatre after statement viewing Carmen .

- and a leah suffices in the American mass-media of the information on Siberia? Also what would be interesting to read to inhabitants of the USA, for example, About Novosibirsk?

- about Siberia in the American newspapers write often, but in respect of centre of science and perspective in sphere of economy of region. And bolshego, I think, and it is not necessary: after all Russia   and the USA all - taki the different countries and to feel the same Siberian colour, here it is necessary to visit first of all!

... In general, as answers would tell are clear earlier. But the problem that remained: Russia   and the USA, - as the politician notices the different countries . Yes, in representation of Americans, at us bears along the street in the winter go, muzhiks in drunk charcoal fumes beat the wives... And reboot in relations, it is faster, possibility once again to reproach Russia   that it is terribly far from values of democratic institutes, and in practice to continue silently to load a policy of double standards in broad masses on the post-Soviet territory with the help kultrnyh exchanges and the non-governmental organisations