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The regional parliament has begun economy with itself

Alternatives to Kiselyov on fast of the chairman new ZS was not - it became the only thing whom have put forward on fast of the speaker. Now at chairman ZS three zama: besides communist Bobrova two fasts zamov have got to United Russia party members to Olga Hohlovoj and Sergey Borodinu.

At the first session of regional Zaskobranija, despite pre-election pledges an United Russia on it to lower municipal tariffs, were engaged exclusively orgvoprosami (probably, in a communal flat will be engaged at following session). For example, solved, how much deputies will get wages. On a constant basis from 38 people`s choices begin to work 10 (as well as in ZS last convocation) - to it and puts the deputy salary. And here number of assistants to deputies have reduced - now on one assistant some legislators are necessary at once.

- In crisis it is necessary to be reduced, - new speaker ZS Vladimir Kiselyov has explained personnel changes. Cut down also devices of fractions: in total in Legislative Assembly 5 - go convocation, including deputies, 78 persons will work. Deputies and committees ZS, thus " have divided; United Russia party members have shared with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation committee concerning a state system and local government: over it the leader of the vladimirskiy communists Alexander Sinjagin now supervises. Other committees (them henceforth 7 instead of 9) - at an United Russia . Spravedlivorossam LDPR and to independent deputies of fasts has not got.

Alexander Savenkov. The photo is given a press - service ZS.

During the first session deputies have selected two representatives from Vladimir region in the Federation Council. Earlier senatorial armchairs occupied Evgenie Iljushkin and Vadim Gustov. Gustov, whose nominee was put forward by administration of the region and personally the governor, fast has saved. The second senator is put forward by regional parliament, and this time fraction United Russia party members has offered on Alexander Savenkova`s this fast, the person, the direct relation to Vladimirshchine not having.

the Native of the Oryol region, Savenkov ministered the military public prosecutor, worked in the device of the Main military Office of Public Prosecutor. From the beginning of 2002 it held fast of the first deputy of the main military public prosecutor, and in June 2002 has been appointed by the main military public prosecutor of the country. With 2006 till March, 2009 worked as the first deputy minister of justice. Alexander Savenkova`s nominee is confirmed 37 - ju by voices of deputies from 38. As have informed representatives of former senator Evgenie Iljushkina, it with plans for the future it was not defined yet .

the Person new ZS

the Floor
Among deputies 4 - go convocation was 4 women, and in new ZS them already six. 32 deputies - men.

Two thirds of deputies regional ZS are younger than 50 years. To the youngest deputy - 26 years. He/she is the deputy director of the building company the Novel Rusanov from the list an United Russia . And the elder of regional parliament - 65. He/she is the general director of Joint-Stock Company Light Vasily Muhanin selected on 7 - mu to election district from an United Russia .

the Social status
Most of all in ZS the fifth convocation of businessmen - 23 persons (among United Russia party members 20 from 27 - businessmen, and among 7 communists of businessmen three - Nina Kaznina, Valery Kamensky and Valery Petrjaev). There are in ZS two teachers: the senior teacher VGGU Nikolay Amelin and the director of Old Dvorsky school of the Suzdal area Tatyana Zhilin. There is one doctor - Julia Arsenina. The others 12 deputies - professional politicians.

Political experience
In present structure of Legislative Assembly of 38 deputies, from them 16 experienced members of parliament and 22 beginners: the deputy case was updated more than half.