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Alexander Kostyuk in Saratov: On “ the Eurovision “ the Hope of Kadysheva will go only with Pugachevoj

In Saratov together with the group “ the Golden Ring “ popular singer Nadezhda Kadysheva has visited. After a concert her husband and in combination hudruk Alexander Kostyuk has answered questions.

- On a court yard crisis, and Hope has not time to change toilets, and one is more magnificent than another...

- We as did new suits, and them we will do! Only at their our ballet about thousand. All of them in one performance, naturally, are not located, but we carry them with ourselves as often we change the program. The hope comes and says that she will sing today, and ballet should be ready to everything, after all halls happen different, and the program always changes. Though now on a court yard crisis of planetary scale, but we begin anniversary tour: Argentina and Buenos - Ajres, then America: New York, Chicago, Dignity - Frantsisko, Los - Andzheles and Toronto. And further - 15 palaces of sports in Germany, then Australia and Korea...

the Hope changed suits as gloves. look the PHOTO GALLERY
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV

- More recently in a serial “ the river " Is wide; Nadezhdy Kadyshevoj song has sounded. And it at cinema to act in film do not invite?

- Offers arrives much. But at us a position, as at Alla Borisovny Pugachevoj: at cinema the Hope should play not the aunt I Bring down and not aunt Frosju, but only itself! By the way, a film “ the river " Is wide; initially was called on - to another - “ Flight of a marten “. But the film crew has come to us to theatre, and we so have well sat that after that the film began to be called “ the river " Is wide;. There, as a matter of fact, - history of life of Hope, it from the same remote places... By the way, the first channel plans to remove continuation of this serial.

- At you, casually, was not thought to participate in “ the Eurovision “?

- Offers such arrived, and I am assured that the Hope very well there would look... But, understand, what thing: at “ Eurovisions “ there is no certain concept! At first the circus actor, then the executor, then the singer, then the juggler there acts, - yes everybody, and finally conquers fate - the command. And it is not clear, by what principle stars there are typed, and what there it is necessary to do? When speak: “ Let`s Nadezhdu Kadyshevu send on “ the Eurovision “ I refuse. And here if to collect all stars: Michael Jackson, the Madonna, Pugachevu, Kadyshevu... Let`s collect actors of world level and we will arrange singing competition! On it a lot of time is necessary: two months, at least, should be thrown out from life. And as a matter of fact, for the sake of what? I agree, it is possible to be put where - that, but you should understand that compete with the equal... And all these “ kapustniki “ a world scale - I agree them, let others participate in them.

- Now there is a quadragesima. You observe it?

- Yes. And for the Holy Week we at all do not work. Already weigh show - business does not work at this time. Represent?

Small saratovtsy gave to the singer flowers and soft toys. look the PHOTO GALLERY
the Photo: Evgenie GUSEV


the Singer for an anniversary will receive as a gift apartment

Through two and a half a month Nadezhda Kadysheva will celebrate the 50 - summer anniversary. She is going to note its solo concerts at theatre “ The Golden Ring “. And the Hope will fulfil the basic concert in St.-Petersburg, in 12 - a thousand hall.

- As a gift we with the son have prepared apartment! Arranged. And all together to it we will move. If, of course, the Hope with the son starts up us! - Alexander KOSTYUK has told.

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we Give thanks to concert agency “ the Notice - 94 “ for the help in the interview organisation.