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Nikolay Voronin knows how to fill the budget

On Tuesday   we have told about, how the opposition of regional parliament tries to find out the size of expenses on the maintenance of people`s choices (Read gold griffins have lodged In Regional Duma ) .

Today   speaker Nikolay Voronin has rejected pressure by that who tries to accuse deputies of pressing forward to magnificent life.

- the Legislative Assembly estimate on 2009 - j year for seven percent is less, than on 2008 - j, - Nikolay Andreevich has told. - We have entered an economy effort: we cut down expenses on a paper, business trips; we will not update a motor car park. Additional payments to deputies will be this year less. The Legislative Assembly estimate - about 200 million roubles. 73 percent - the salary of deputies, their assistants and the device. It is necessary to mean that each of them has a family with which it is necessary to feed.

figures of expenses on building of a new building of Legislative Assembly which are sounded by opposition, Nikolay Voronin named transcendental:

is a cheap populism. If you figure name, and it has appeared five times less - give a difference to the state. We and problems with the budget will solve, and conversations will be less.