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Experience of dialogue of Russians with banks and other financial institutions is insignificant. Those times when money could be stored in two places are memorable still: in a savings bank or houses, in a secluded place. And to a pay they were borrowed at neighbours. Now in Russia hundreds banks, thousand offers... And how to choose, that it was reliable and favourable?


It only at first sight to choose bank as easy as shelling pears. Actually it is necessary to concern a choice with all gravity and responsibility. After all when you search for the doctor or the hairdresser, you ten times of the inquiry will guide about its professional abilities.

Experts advise to be converted into large and average banks - so it is more reliable.

- the official reporting of bank, the information from the international rating agencies can be the Source of the information for reliability assessment, for example, the internal information from bank, - speaks Dmitry Orlov, the director of department of marketing and planning of products moskommertsbanka . - To be guided by messages in a press, on the Internet as the basic source of the information on reliability of bank I would not advise, though here again it is possible to receive the important additional information. And here to use the Internet or opinion of acquaintances as a source of the information on quality of service and bank products quite defensible.

Certainly, it is necessary to waste time on searches of the worthy candidate on a post of the keeper of your money, but in this business to save hours it is not necessary - calmness more expensively.
if you have chosen on ratings, suppose, 10 banks, we start in following an elimination stage.

- Parameters on which it is necessary to choose bank, in my opinion, everyone for itself(himself) should define independently, - continues Eagles. - from huge set of criteria for someone absence of turns in branch first of all is important, and for someone it is much more important to place possibility the contribution to exotic currency.

Certainly, there are such collective criteria which in this or that kind are present practically at all lists of requirements to bank: quality of the service, attractive conditions, reliability.


Even if you search for bank to open the contribution, and more than any services now it is not necessary for you, is better to pay attention to all offered products. And suddenly you need tomorrow to take the credit or to rent the safe? So universality is one more criterion on which it is necessary to choose the financier.

However and a full ruler of services - there is more to come. Each product possesses the set of criteria to which it is necessary to pay attention at a choice. For example, it is good, when at a ruler of contributions there are all kinds of deposits: savings, memory, universal. In each of them the conditions are provided: possibility of removal of money without loss of percent, contribution replenishment, capitalisation of percent. Well and the most important thing, bank should enter into system of insurance of contributions. Only then in case of its bankruptcy to you will return the put up money. However, no more than 700 thousand roubles.

In credits too there are nuances: rate size, penal sanctions, conditions of preschedule repayment.

At all experts advice one: necessarily read the contract and ask questions if they arise before you will put the signature.

TECHNOLOGIES of the XXI-st century

In consciousness of many there was a stereotype that the bank can offer clients only contributions and credits.

the Photo: Elena KOVALENKO

Actually offers much more.

- it is necessary to pay attention to such product as the bank card is more modern and convenient form of calculations, - advises Eagles. - the owner of a bank card has possibility not to carry with itself cash in a considerable quantity, thus all its means always in a pocket.

If the person loses a map it loses only a plastic slice, but not money which are placed on a map as they are on the bank account. The owner of a map can make purchases in other currency without cash exchange and, as a rule, with converting on a fair rate.

So it is not necessary to go with the purses full of money, the XXI-st century on a court yard as the bank card allows to make purchases, to pay services, including through the Internet.

By the way, for this purpose the bank should have one more service: the Internet - bank.

- the Internet - the bank can be simply help service where it is possible to learn the information under the abacus, to operations, tariffs, and can be and high-grade office of bank where it is possible to make payments and transfers to fill up contributions and to receive online - consultations. Technologies are not at a stop and to organise office of bank with possibility to make payments and transfers it is already possible at itself in a mobile phone, but for this purpose it is necessary, that the bank had a service mobile bank . Now in the market there are enough banks which offer qualitative and functional remote services.

One more not the most popular service - bank cells. Leaving in holiday or on a summer residence, we always very much worry about safety of values which we leave houses. We hide jewelry in banks with groats, in bed-clothes, in services, as a result it is all the same nervous and we are stirred. Actually to carry all values in bank much easier and to put them in the safe then you will be precisely quiet. By the way, it is very frequent free rent of a bank cell offer as a bonus to a credit card or the seasonal contribution.


In January of deposits became almost on 7 % more

Russians have saved belief in banks, experts ascertain. For the first month of year the volume of contributions has increased by 6,9 %. It was declared by the first vice-president of Bank of Russia Gennady Melikjan.

These figures do not consider the Savings Bank data.

Experts explain a gain of bank savings simply: the population wants to save the money from devaluation and inflation. Thus in January contributions to dollars have brought to the holders of 18,31 % of the income, in euro - 8,21, and only deposits in roubles have appeared in a minus - 1,49 %.

on the other hand, banks increase interest rates under rouble contributions. For last three months, according to experts, rates have grown on 1,5 - 2,5 %.

Interest rates under contributions to Murmansk