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Who in Murmansk will help to cope with crisis?

experts notice that crisis is excellent time to raise   efficiency of the personnel. Therefore the heads at the enterprises will organise special trainings for the wards. The seminars directed on mental stability and endurance both ordinary employees, and a top - managers became a season hit.

the Russian firms have counted crisis still one year ago

- I Will notice that to anti-recessionary educational projects the Murmansk companies have not shown interest. Perhaps it has been connected by that we suited those during problems with the finance at the organisations, - the head of educational department of the Murmansk centre of personnel and marketing technologies " shares Anastas Garbut; the Expert . - Heads were not ready to put up money in anti-recessionary educational projects. We plan to start to spend programs later when the companies will be defined with the requirements.

By the way, rather curious fact - the largest Russian companies since March of last year have started to reserve anti-recessionary seminars for the employees. Then chiefs of firms already have counted in advance, in what they will have a necessity more close by the autumn.

- Certainly, the beginning of year for us was hard: in connection with crisis the budget of many companies has suffered. Therefore the quantity of participants of educational projects was now reduced. Clients became more selective and prefer only the most necessary, - continues Anastas. - popular at all times there are trainings on sales. In March we plan to carry out training Work with objections which will teach how to operate, if you hear from the client or business - the partner is not present .

If any amendments are made to the legislation necessarily there are organisations which want to receive the necessary information. With that end in view too seminars are arranged. By the way, the price list of trainings the most different also depends on specificity of action. A minimum - 1500 roubles from the person.

Unemployment - from uncertainty of people in

the Murmansk centre business - technologies too spends a considerable quantity of trainings for different social groups. It and open actions for all comers, and corporate - for the organisations.

the Photo: Elena KOVALENKO

- Tens trainings we arranged for the unemployed together with the state structure - the centre of employment of the population, and not only in Murmansk, but also in area cities. Our purpose - to teach participants of trainings to be   adjusted on success, on search of possibilities for the decision of the problems, - Victor Toropov, the director of the Murmansk centre nejro - linguistic programming makes comments. -

Besides, in these days off we will hold an open seminar - training the Head in the conditions of crisis   and in a week - emotionally convincing sales in the conditions of decrease in consumer ability for the people occupied in business. That is it is actual trainings   with specific targets.

For heads are skills of work with collective in the conditions of reduction of wages, that is during intensity increase in collective. And as to sales we will be   to fulfil   abilities,   as   to offer the goods to the modern buyer. How correctly to spend communications with potential clients. After all people now come to shops, look narrowly, but leave more often, so anything and without getting.

Cost of services in centre NLP - from 8 to 120 thousand roubles.

Than will promote in the employment Center

- to All wishing not employed citizens   psychological support by our experts can be rendered. For this purpose it is necessary for person to consist at us on the account in the status of the unemployed and to be on welfare, - Elena Sklyarov, the chief of department of vocational training of psychological support speaks to citizens and vocational guidance of the population of the Murmansk centre of employment. - as this service works.

converted behind the help in job search the information on vacancies and at the same time - participation in psychological trainings is offered to All. The person has the right to refuse, then to it about it do not tell. But if he agrees, it direct to the expert where he should write the application on participation. Further the employment centre notifies the citizen on forthcoming trainings then the person independently chooses, what employment to it to liking, and goes to the appointed day and time for it.

As the employment centre is official body, psychological support - service free. For the others murmanchan which do not consist on the account as the unemployed, the help service too works.

Phone for inquiries - (8152 23 - 52 - 48, there to you will offer psychological consultation and advice in vocational guidance definition.

Fear the psychologist

will dispel Murmanchane even more often began to be converted with the problems to doctors.

- Together with financial crisis at the person internal pressure grows also. Personal problems and disorders in a family from here originate. And a root to all - fear. The modern person is afraid in total that will dismiss it, from it the wife because it not begins to bring money in the house, and, at last, will leave it will lose prestige before children. Certainly, a leah they begin to respect such father who with hung the head will show houses the feebleness, - Boris Ljangazov, the psychologist of the Murmansk regional centre of medical preventive maintenance makes comments. - When such hopelessness covers, the person is ready to go to the doctor.

And here the main thing - to get to the competent expert. It should help to you to change installations. For example, I do not want to be dismissed on I want and to perform further the favourite work . The psychologist selects for you a method how to leave a stressful situation.

And certainly, the doctor is capable to change your consciousness. That is you will start to think that crisis is not only black time, but also a way as - that to perfect the person. Earlier you did not notice it, and now will reflect.

the Campaign to the doctor will manage a minimum in 300 roubles. The most expensive service is a psychoanalysis. And it, as a rule, the most long-term.