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For the cut birches omichu shines about a year of prison

the Novel of Ganders quite often looked on a visit on the mother who constantly lived in the country recently in microdistrict Entrance . The house at it small enough also is heated only from the furnace. The son constantly cared of that in the house it was warm, therefore always brought to it bags, with the bought fire wood. Itself Ganders recently anywhere did not work and in February from a stock of money there were only copecks. Nearby to a summer residence there was a forestry where grew syrorastushchie birches of which it just and has taken notice.

from February, 24 till February, 26th he has had time to cut down five trees. Soon, the militia has noticed that there was a hunter to Russian beauties. To find   Gusakova it was completely not difficult - mikrorajonchik   after all absolutely small. At once there were people who have specified on the Novel.

- I also did not know that for the such punish, - fondly told then Ganders. - Simply it was not necessary to heat the house, and buy fire wood could.

-   concerning Romana Gusakova criminal case,   is brought; - the public prosecutor of Lenin district Vasily BONDARENKO explains. - the damage from illegal cabin has made about 8 000 roubles. Omichu threatens about a year of prison and collecting of the caused damage.