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New Internet Explorer 8: Swing I do not want

So, Windows Internet Explorer 8 about which so spoke seteviki much, it is tested and ready to the use. And, the release is let out at once in 25 languages. Including in Russian.  

that the new is promised by developers? The main thing - built in protection SmartScreen. It, according to in Microsoft, will beat off the most mean attacks and smart threats. And in acknowledgement result research NSS Labs that Internet Explorer 8 blocks in 2 - 4 times more than harmful actions, than other browsers. Time will tell, as Eugene Lukashina`s mum in " spoke; the Twist of fate .

One more counter Internet Explorer 8 - load time speed of pages. To us, besides promise that IE8 faster competitors almost twice. Explain it to that all favourite services and a web - sites of users can be built in directly an observer window.

What else new possibilities has got Internet Explorer:

-   Accelerators (Accelerators) help faster and to carry out is easier the basic actions on the Internet: to use search, to send electronic mail, to publish the information in blogs, to translate in dictionaries, to search on maps and etc. for Accelerators under IE8 are already created Yandex, Mail. ru, Rambler, RuTube, Translate. Ru, Facebook, Live. com. They can be added in an observer from page http:// ieaddons. com.

- the Web - fragments (WebSlices). Updatings of the necessary sites are displayed now directly in the browser. Sites   Afisha. ru, Gismeteo. ru, RuTube, Vesti. ru, Digg, Yahoo, Mail, OneRiot and eBay already realised on the pages such a web - fragments.

- visual search (Visual Search). The panel of instant search added with images and the detailed information, gives ample opportunities of search in real time both on sites, and from own bookmarks Elite and Stories of inquiries of users .

- InPrivate allows to work in the Internet in special session which does not save history of visitation by the user of pages. And it is at times it is very necessary, when you work on computers of the general access.

free of charge to load Internet Explorer 8 it is possible on   site Microsoft.