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In Norway all foreign investors last year in a panic consider Russia as the attractive country for investments

Not sold the Russian papers.

as the Active buyer the sovereign fund of Norway has acted. Most of all the means directed to Russia, it has enclosed in the action Gazprom and Lukoil

the Norwegian sovereign fund Government Pension Fund - Global became One of heavy buyers of the Russian actions last year, follows from   the report placed on its site.

On the end of 2007 in its portfolio there were papers 13, and on the end of 2008 - already 46 Russian companies.

the Stock value of the Russian companies in a fund portfolio for 2008 has grown in 2,5 times to $833 million, follows   from the report.

the Largest investment of fund into Russia - actions Gazprom cost of its share last year has increased more than three times - about $150 million to $479 million (0,34 % of voting actions).    

the Essential share at it in Lukoil - in the end of 2008 the package of Norwegians was estimated in $223 million

Oil and gas accumulation of Norwegians were put and in less liquid actions, for example in groups Diksi Gaza, the multi-region distributive companies and Ursa bank .

On the end of 2008 cost of the second in the world at cost of actives of fund reached $323 billion, and it posessed 0,77 % of all traded actions. 40 % of actions have been bought by managing directors of fund in 2008, told in its report.

fund Strategy - to buy it is more than actions during falling of the market and less - during growth - explain operating fund.

the Norwegian fund increased investment papers not only in Russia, but also in other developing countries. Most essentially it has increased the presence at the capital of the Indian companies - them in a portfolio was 17, and became following the results of last year 225 (their cost reached $1 billion), and also Chinese - with 122 to 206 (to $1,2 billion).

However the largest investments of fund - in the international companies Royal Dutch Shell ($2,2 billion), Nestle ($2,1 billion), BP (1,9 billion).

Russia not only the Norwegian managing directors Sympathizes. The Russian fund of Swedish group East Capital in 2008 has shown negative profitableness at level of 75 %.

However company Karin Hirn partner last week has declared that on - former considers Russia as the attractive country for investments, informs an information portal norge. ru.