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In Chelyabinsk schoolgirls were threw out from a window from - for unfortunate love

At o`clock in the morning they have stepped in darkness from the sixth floor. 14 - summer Nina Egorov and 15 - summer Tanja Tsapkina (names are changed) have fallen to the small brick box attached to a skyscraper and have survived. Now by miracle the escaped Chelyabinsk little girls lie in hospital. A lung their status you will not name - a pearl on crisis, but all could will end much worse.

the Design 16 - tietazhki which hardly has not ruined teenagers is that that on each floor there is a balcony on which it is possible to get with ease from an entrance. Local residents leave here to smoke. And teenagers - to sit and pogorlanit songs. All walls are used up by Tsoy`s citations, beer banks underfoot crackle.

As girls have got to this house - a riddle. Tanja there lives absolutely in other area, and Nina on a broader scale - in suburb. Both study in a boarding school for children with danger of development of a tuberculosis.

Girls have jumped from a balcony 6 - go a floor (in a mug) and have fallen to a roof pristroja (strelochka).
the Photo: Alexander DYBIN

- Girls always cheerful, benevolent, - tells the deputy director of a boarding school Julia Alova , - to such act we have not noticed Any preconditions, after all children at us is constant on a kind. Nina very well studies, at it a strong hard-working family. And Tanja is fond of sports, her parents too quite normal more.

Doctors have started up to Nina only mum. The daughter has told to it that has jumped after Tanej, say, at that problem with the guy, here and has decided to settle scores with life. And still, Nina did not want, that it translated in other school. Just the day before mum was going to take away documents from a boarding school.

are nonsenses, transfer to another school - not the reason for suicide, - Nina Olga Petrovna`s mum speaks, - from ears of the daughter gold ear rings were gone, and the cellular telephone is not present. The daughter says lies to me, I feel it. I am assured, she has jumped against the will.

At parents of both schoolgirls the version of an event: they are afraid that daughters have rushed from the sixth floor, escaping from rape. But girls repeat all time that in all the unfortunate love of one of them is guilty. That has occurred actually, the Office of Public Prosecutor understands.

- While girls in a grave condition, inspectors cannot talk to them, doctors do not start up, - Elena Kalinina has informed the representative of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia on the Chelyabinsk area . - On a balcony, whence they have jumped out, we have found the torn note. Its maintenance while is not known, podcherk small and not legible. But experts try to restore the whole leaf from scraps. Criminal case is not raised yet.

the Roof pristroja to which girls have fallen.
a photo: Alexander DYBIN