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Nikita Mikhalkov: Michael Seigniorial is sentenced to spurs

At festival of student`s and debut films Sacred Anna which last week passed in Moscow, director Nikita Mikhalkov has given the master - a class to students of cinema - and theatrical high schools. Our correspondent has visited at this creative meeting. Nikita Sergeevich told about how it worked on a set with known actors. We publish today fragments of these memoirs.

  Yury Bogatyryov did not learn in turn behind a toilet paper

-   we Take actor Alexey Petrenko. When you look at it, you think: My God, how it can be the actor on a broader scale? Such huge muzhik, gloomy how with it to work? By the way, the greatest actor`s quality is an invisibility that you the actor. There are actors who are sentenced by the invoice. They are perfect, popular, known, them learn in the street. But they are limited in a trade, because their invoice has sentenced to play certain roles. Here remarkable actor Misha Seigniorial. It is sentenced to spurs. In it anything is not present bad, and it not some its wine. He/she is God has given such gift.

Or Jura Bogatyryov to me complained. There is on the TV a serial film Two captains . And it was time when in deficiency there was a toilet paper. He calls to me and speaks: I stand in a queue for a toilet paper. Any to drag me has not passed. Nobody learns. I cannot tell that I that actor who plays Two captains start up me behind a toilet paper . And will sit at the TV in the evening, to look and cry, speak, what good actor .

In a life unrecognizability obidna. And in a trade it is more tremendous - to be any on a scene or on the screen, being as though any in life. Smoktunovsky such was. Such Alexey Batalov, Maxim Sukhanov. It is possibility not from the invoice to go to a role, and to fill the interior with necessary energy.

- So Alexey Petrenko?.

- When Petrenko   as starts to tell the text, you think: as it strums! A fig! It as will raise a howl in Tarase to Potatoes as will start singing (Alexey Petrenko has written down the audiobook Taras Potatoes - red). It covers you with the fearlessness. Why he is not afraid? Because he knows, about what he speaks, when speaks Gogol`s words. You want to listen, do not want is thy business. He speaks on behalf of Gogol, which above all of us. It it is unbounded in it believes. And that seems a folk tune, actually the greatest Russian actor`s school. Better which on light is not present.

  In Mordjukovoj was such moshcha, what will crush any

- you had situations at which actors became extreme?

- I had such history with great Nonnoj Mordjukovoj. Nonna Viktorovna could play only that she felt. And if it got hardly near to the purpose, it started to protect the error. It was impossible to shift it further. The floor-mat - a refloor-mat went. There was a shooting, Nonna should tell one phrase: Eh, you! . It in a film Relatives right at the end, when at station she sees the husband who has again washed down, all has forgotten, and it to it the ticket took. Both all has failed. And she should look at it and tell: Eh, you! and all. Nonna like speaks Eh, you! and I understand that it not that, by. I think, can, I have gone mad. All group in amazement. The fifteenth, eighteenth double, twenty fifth. I cannot already explain, she cannot understand. It in a hysterics. Leaves in the car, calls the doctor. At it a tachycardia, first aid.

So, everything, I the national actress of Soviet Union Well a block, a block, kazachka. And moshcha such that will crush any. If Nonna in Brest was in 41 - m to the year, I would not pass any tank I do not know what to do. The favourite actress does not leave on a platform: I will not go . Mass meeting waits. Day comes to an end. I speak: Nonna Viktorovna, please, on a platform . Has gone!... - here so. Nonna in anger it is serious. On a broader scale it the most gentle, shaking, ingenious... But in anger of eyes becomes such zamutnennyj as happens at horses when she is frightened. It can take down everything.

I speak then to Pasha Lebeshevu (to the well-known operator - red.) : Pash, turn on the camera. Silently only . Nonna costs: the Ticket to me took to Moscow? I depart . I stand up for the chamber, I speak: at me look. The chamber works. It has stared at me. Calm down, favourite, - I speak. - forgive me, the boor, well the swine I, understand But you should understand too me, my darling. Well look, as you have exhausted me . At tears in eyes: Pleasure washing, well regret you me, tell to me simply: Eh, you! The swine you such! here so I lull it. And simultaneously I glance, how much a film remains And suddenly I see, Nonna begins mjagchet, joins, already sees me. Oh, you my good Nonna, well tell to me. And she speaks:: Eh, you! . All: stop, it is removed!

  Nikolay Valuev of the boxer will play, and Uncle Vanju is hardly

- It is possible to become the good actor without actor`s education? Now many stars of show - business and sports become actors. What do you think of it?

- In any way. Only as to fact ascertaining that, without having actor`s education, they act in film. There is a person of very big growth, very strong and the film acts in. Well also what? You will give it Othello`s role? Though Othello it will play: if it is necessary, will naturally suffocate. But Uncle Vanju will already play more difficult. There are people impressive, as Valuev. He has played the boxer. Both has played, and has played. To present it to Hamlet roles or Laerta is will have narrowly medical character. The same and show stars - business. The actor is a trade. She needs to be respected and she should study.

But here there is other danger: when professional actors start to be engaged in show - business.

There is remarkable actor Dmitry Nazarov who conducts culinary show. It very good actor. But when in SHtrafbate He played the priest, to me did not give rest that I constantly it saw on the screen where it cuts cabbage. Perhaps it also brings the big money. But it very much prevents to see to the spectator that image, which actor wants to create.   because it has already accustomed me to that it on kitchen. If you want to leave an actor`s trade then take to itself the program and conduct a current - show. It was one of the reasons why at me Ingeborga Dapkunajte (in continuation " did not act in film; Tired with the sun - red.) . It began to work in the Big brother and I have told: Excuse, it cannot be combined.

- Comment on work of one of Oleg Menshikov`s your favourite actors in a teleserial 12 chairs ?

- Oleg - the person to whom the director is necessary. The matter is that if the actor does not feel a hand of the director it intuitively uses those stamps which will come easily to it. He is able to execute flik - fljak, he knows that at it it is an advantageous counter, be assured, it uses it. In this case it simply uses five - six stamps which as though keep within its character. And the director is happy: at it very large actor who will bring cash desk and glory acts in film. Unfortunately, this that mutual levity which results in about what you ask.