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In Tula has passed festival of humour of KVN

On Wednesday, on March, 18th   in Tula in a recreation centre of Trade unions has passed   long-awaited festival of commands of the Tula League of KVN. The festival subject, as well as a subject of a forthcoming season was defined simply -   “ the Youth season “.

As well as organizers promised evening was   not dull.   in this season present   flow of young teams and as there were new faces in already fallen in love commands, and also   visitors from Moscow and Kaluga, Sokolnikov, Aleksina!

it suggested to honour and look at the best jokes of festival.

Jokes from " command; Cement “

Here Dmitry Anatolevich is main street of our city - Lenin`s avenue.
- Vau!
- And it is a monument to the famous inhabitant of Tula Lvu Nikolaevichu Tolstoy.
- Vau!
- Well, and practically WITHOUT STOPPERS we reach city centre … Where there is our white house.
- Vau!
- Dmitry Anatolevich and to that you so are surprised?
- yes as Mercedes suspension bracket maintains all these holes! Vau!!!

a case from life.
- has come, goats. L.
- she asked to take away its things.
- who it?
- your wife were.
- who it?
- Imenitelnyj?
- Widely-read goats … l.
-   do not look at my person. It is Afgan.
- Spa - salon?
- yes. Spa - salon “ Afgan “. Take away all and tell to it that I will not give a cat to it.
- what cat? At you never was a cat!
- and pass it that at us was never a cat. And on posledok I will give to your advice - do not eat in cookies bed!
is still why?
- Crumbs.

the Joke from " command; Real “

- Dear, you here understand … I here All has come … such tired … in general I to you has changed.
- with whom?
- with the husband.

Jokes from " command; In an objective “

Vladimir Putin has come on a Halloween in Medvedev`s suit.

Ponder. The language barrier is brekety.

At the taster of a cud “ Dirol “ an allergy on “ Orbits “.

Jokes from " command; laughter Body “

the Moses deduces Jews from wilderness.
- the Moses, we go 40 years for you on this sand. At us water, yoghurts, meal have ended. To people it is bad.
- so. Stop. Well, what you now shout? Shout? Complain? Here listen, Aram, you are guilty. I spoke to you, that you did not depart from the bus, and you? “ give with camels we will be photographed … “. And well you …
“ the Bridge “

- Mums, buy to me the machine.
- the sonny, you look, at us already all family bald goes.
you have seen a miniature “ Sergey Zvereva`s Childhood “.

After film viewing “ the Admiral “ ordinary militiamen too have decided not to submit to orders of officers. It is even more photo
the Photo: Olga GRISHIN

Jokes from " command; Casual selection “

Mum reads to the son a fairy tale for the night.
- Has swept kolobok further. On a meeting to it a fox. Kolobok to it also speaks: “ I from the grandmother have left and from the grandfather have left … “
Turns to the falling asleep son.
- well, you will listen to me or not?!!!!

jokes from " command; ZHamki “

Fur coats, dublenki, the credit, the instalments. You will live in the spring without one kidney.

Great and mighty Russian has risen on a way of the French kiss.