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The indifference of teachers drives children to crime

Last incident connected with shooting at school, has occurred one of these days. On March, 11th the armed young man dressed in a camouflage, has rushed into one of schools in the south of Germany and has opened fire. As a result of shooting in college and near it twelve persons were lost. Three more criminal has killed later then was lost itself in firing with police. It was the pupil of this school. Experts consider that the occurred tragedy - not simply casual act of violence.

the review of similar murders at comprehensive schools in the USA bears that some schools in a greater degree, than others, prepare soil for cultivation of murderers. But as earlier cases of the armed violence at schools occurred not   more often, they were difficult for systematising to draw any conclusions. However shooting at schools began to occur regularly since July 1999 till June, 2006. For this period pupils opened shooting on the schoolmates at eight schools. That is every year successively! Has not done without victims.

This splash in school aggression has allowed experts Trejsi Vick and Mark Frejzer from University of Northern Carolina, at last, to collect the facts, to analyse them and to draw some parallels. Also they have defined general characteristics of features of school training which, probably, contributed in formation of murderers. And here to what unfavourable conclusions they have come.

- incidents with fire-arms application, occur more often at those schools where there are no warm friendly relations between pupils and teachers and the social inequality is brightly expressed, - considers Trejsi Vick. - as it has appeared, at problem schools children from the provided families, so-called “ burzhujchiki “ like to show the superiority not only fashionable and expensive clothes. They take pleasure in mockeries and humiliations of the contemporaries from poor families. And a misfortune that teachers at these schools looked at calling and boorish behaviour of some pupils through fingers.

certainly, other important factor contributing in display of aggression is a hostile spirit of criminals. So, for example, Tim Kπεςψμεπ - 15 - the summer murderer from Germany, abhored girls, was fond of cruel video games and at his place there was a whole collection of the weapon.

the American police almost should leave every year on a scene of crime in schools

- But do not get this teenager - the murderer to school with indifferent teaching structure where he felt alienation and animosities in relation to itself(himself) both from schoolmates, and from teachers, that, can, it would show till now the aggression only in virtual “ shooters “ - Ketrin Bredshou from health School in Baltimore considers, the State of Maryland. - Perhaps desire of teachers to rally children and more to give them of attention would help more than their unbounded complaints of police to occurrence with school “ Tiny handful of children which are going to use a pistol and to kill the contemporaries. A leah

will decrease in the near future number of the armed crimes among schoolboys in the USA, is not clear yet. And here among students the incidents connected with fire-arms, occur stably since 1992.

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the Portrait of the school murderer

“ Massacre at schools and HIGH SCHOOLS of the USA occurs regularly. Unlike other types of violent crimes, murderers meaningly choose school as a target and are not limited to one victim. In many cases pupils or graduates of the suffered school became murderers, however often enough the murderer had no direct relation to this educational institution.

In spite of the fact that similar crimes are widely known and draw attention of a society, about their reasons and the motives motivating murderers to arrange “ bloody baths “ it is known a little. Usually the analysis of crimes is based on two whales - studying of statistics and interrogations of criminals. However shooting at schools leaves not enough information: these crimes are made rather seldom, and murderers appear incapable to give very often the information - they or commit a suicide on a place of events, or perish in firing with police. Therefore many researchers of this phenomenon underline that their conclusions in nowise cannot be conceived as absolutely objective - the lack of the information for the analysis inevitably leads to errors and blanks.

for last two decades the American Psychological Association/ American Psychological Association has published many researches of a phenomenon of school murders. In them the attention that is unique type of a crime is paid. In - the first, the murderer is initially adjusted on carrying away as much as possible lives. It does not come to school to kill only the offender or to punish the girl who has left to another. Even having killed (having wounded) the foe, it does not stop. Some psychologists (for example, the author of many works on this subject - professor Dewey Kornell/ Dewey G. Cornell from University of Virginia/ University of Virginia) are assured that here there is an attempt of imitation video games or the films which heroes, bypass a building and kill, kill, kill... In - the second, murder is the core and unique motive of commission of crime. Usual criminals kill with any purpose, for example, self-defence or a robbery. School murderers only kill.

FBI/ FBI in 1999 has published the report (is called “ the School Avenger “/ The Classroom Avenger) in which the basic lines of the young men are allocated, the most inclined to commit similar crimes. Authors of research specify that their conclusions have indirect character because similar lines too many teenagers possess. Anyway, the potential organizer of school slaughters - male (girls made similar murders extremely seldom), belongs to white race (that is, is not the representative of disliked minority), it of 16 years, it possesses good health and intelligence high level.

it occurs from a middle class family, however his family has the big internal problems (for example, parents constantly quarrel and are at enmity with each other) about what the environment does not know. He considers itself(himself) “ the lone wolf “ Often belongs or declares the accessory to the grouping propagandising hatred (for example, one of similar murderers - the American Indian - considered itself as the true Aryan and declared the love to nazi Germany). This teenager goes in public, instead of private school. In his family there were cases of mental diseases, alcoholism and/ or narcotisms. The weapon is stored in the house of the potential murderer, he is able to shoot and already tried to use the weapon against enemies in a family. School murderers practically never went in for sports.

the Pupils who have survived, then remember that often scoffed at the future criminal - the schoolmate

the Potential murderer has problems with a self-estimation, it is dishonest, reserved, inclined to a narcissism and vandalism, contact to the basic group of the messmates is not capable to come into and often has serious problems in dialogue with girls (however any of school murderers was not gomoseksualom or the bisexual).

Some more features are connected with spiritual life of similar people. They are interested not in religion, and violence - real or unreal. They constantly dream on violence subjects, often play corresponding computer games, films look, listen to music, decorate the room posters and pictures of the corresponding maintenance. During commission of crime by the first victims of the school murderer in most cases there are women or successful pupils.

it is curious that school murderers practically never had reputations of fighters or hooligans. Besides, their acquaintances informed that the sense of humour at them has not been developed, or accepted frightening forms.

in 2002 the Secret service of the USA/ United States Secret Service and the Ministry of Education of the USA/ Department of Education have published the report on laws of similar crimes in the USA. In it the attention to the following fact, in particular, is paid: The majority of violent crimes at the American schools occur in the areas occupied by needy people where environment is well developed kriminogennaja - that is, schools are in epicentre of routine criminal activity, and many juvenile criminals visit or when - or visited these educational institutions. However massacre at similar schools occurs extremely seldom - murderers for the unknown reasons prefer to attack quite safe schools located in suburban or rural areas where the middle class resides.

besides, it is the extremely difficult to make a portrait “ typical “ the mass murderer such. The traditional factors of selection practised by the American criminalists by search, for example, of serial murderers, here do not approach. The majority of organizers of slaughter at school have grown in quite safe families (though some were adoptive children or their parents have been dissolved) and not especially suffered affliction from humiliations (however, some researchers assert that similar murderers sometimes revenged the real or invented offenders).

All murderers are united only by one: in all cases, shooting at school began under in advance considered plan, instead of was the spontaneous action. The future murderers carefully prepare for a crime, they collect the present arsenals, discuss the plans with acquaintances or even hang out the information on it on the Internet.

in 2007 psychiatrist Ronald Pajs/ Ronald Pies has published article in which has paid attention to one aspect of a problem in newspaper Psychiatric Times: murderers choose as victims of the people having symbolical value for them personally, instead of for a society. For example, in 1989 in Canada the murderer has rushed on territory of the Montreal Polytechnical School with shout “ I abhor feminists! “ then has shot 14 students - students with tubes were for it a feminism symbol. In 2006 the murderer has rushed into the school located nearby to the American small town of Nikel Majns where children of amishes - the religious group propagandising a nonviolence and pacifism studied. It revenged for humiliations which has undergone 20 years ago, and amishes became for it a symbol something unpleasant - at school it has killed five girls. Even more indicative history has happened in 1979. 17 - ti the summer schoolgirl from a city the Dignity - Diego in a gift for Christmas has received pompovoe a gun. In two weeks after a feast, it has come to the school and has opened fire. Eight children and the policeman have been wounded, the two teachers, trying to save lives of schoolboys - are killed. After the murderer have arrested, she has explained the reason of the actions, having declared literally the following: “ I abhor Mondays! “.

according to the Ministry of Justice of the USA/ Department of Justice, the majority of attacks to schools came to the end without the aid of law enforcement bodies. Attacking or ceased fire under own initiative, or committed suicide, or nejtralizovyvalis other schoolboys/ students. “

from magazine Washington Profile, 04/ 19/ 2007.