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Transportation of cargoes: quickly, carefully, reliably!

Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija in the market transportno - forwarding services since 1995. Today the company has representations more than in 100 cities of Russia.

the Yaroslavl branch of Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija has begun the work in 2007. And at once has found the clients - the enterprises and private persons who have entrusted transportation of cargoes and parcels in reliable hands of the company.

Success in the market of a cargo transportation and high requirement of customers in   to delivery of cargoes have allowed Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija - Jar to open some more divisions in the next areas: to Kostroma, Ivanov, Cherepovets, Vologda, Arkhangelsk.

One of features of Open Company ZHelDroEkspeditsija     and its Yaroslavl branch consists that the enterprise does not depend on transport possibilities and features   Regions - delivery of cargoes is carried out only by its own rolling stock, without attraction of foreign carriers,   and only workers of the company.

Having used company services ZHelDorEkspeditsija clients can send cargoes and parcels practically in any point of our immense country. Loading platforms in all cities where Open Company branches " operate; ZHelDorEkspeditsija   work from 9 mornings and to last client, including on Saturday. Thus additional booking it is not required: cargo can be brought to any convenient for the customer   time. But there is more to come. Considering an uneasy transport situation in Moscow, the local warehouses of the company which are in capital of Russia, carry out reception of departures round the clock, except for Sunday.

Perhaps, one of the main advantages ZHelDorEkspeditsii Before other enterprises which are carrying out delivery of cargoes, is 100 - percentage responsibility of the company for safety of parcels and luggage. Clients do not need to insure specially cargo as the full liability enters into transportation cost. This service not only is convenient for the client (not   time for references in the insurance companies) is spent, but also is financially favourable.   in case of damage or cargo loss (that is the extremely rare in company work) Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija guarantees a damage full indemnification.

One more conclusive advantage of delivery of cargoes by means of the company ZHelDorEkspeditsija - as much as possible simplified procedure of registration of services. To hand over cargo to transportation, the client can not come to company office, and is simple   to call and by phone to fill the demand for service. Besides, it is possible to send the demand by fax or to leave   on a company site. Workers of the company will accept cargo on loading platforms of the company, or will take away it directly from a warehouse of the client.

For transportation of cargoes by rail it is not required any documents. At reception of cargoes from the client the company gives out commodity - a transport waybill. And at arrival of cargo in destination workers ZHelDorEkspeditsii will inform the counterpart when it can receive cargo. If the client reserves avtoekspedirovanie in destination, cargo is delivered by employees ZHelDorEkspeditsii on a warehouse of the addressee during time convenient for it.

Clients of Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija first of all are   the enterprises and private businessmen. As   the company   it is focused on transportation of modular cargoes from one kg to several tons, for many clients it is perfect alternative of own transport services. And   even   Carries out some functions of departments of logistics of the enterprises as delivers necessary cargoes the way shortest and favourable to clients.  

at clients sending of cargoes in volume to 1 both #179 uses the Greatest demand; and weight to 100 kg. Therefore the company has developed   favourable tariffs of transportations for such size   departures.

Percent of private persons - clients of Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija - it is for the present not so great. Nevertheless prospect for development of this direction good enough.   speed of delivery, reasonable price and high safety of private departures - parcels post and parcels -     with the help ZHelDorEkspeditsii every day are highly appreciated by the increasing number of private clients.

It is necessary to tell and about kinds of packing of cargoes which offers Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija . Each cargo is packed in special strejch - a film which protects   it from damages, a dust and moisture penetration. In a case, when   the client sends cargo in fighting container, to it will offer packing with protective soft linings and wooden obreshetkoj. If there is a necessity, cargo can be packed and   in bags. Thus on all cargo seals which are a guarantee from penetration of strangers are imposed.

the Uniform information centre of Open Company ZHelDorEkspeditsija 8 - 800 - 1005 - 505 (a call for Russia free)

Open Company Address ZHelDorEkspeditsija - Jar : Yaroslavl, pr - t October, 89

Phones: (4852 599 - 899 (multichannel),   www. jde. ru