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On the eve of elections Smertin gained strength in Belokurikha

on March, 1st eks - the player Chelsea has won confident victory. However, now not on a football ground, and on elections in the Altay Legislative Assembly on 21 - mu to district (district territory - street of the Soviet Army, Malakhov, Yurin, Isakova, Petrov, Telephone, Matrosova, Communards, avenue of Builders and the Pavlovsk path. - a comment red. ). For it 42 % of voters have voted almost. And it more than 5 thousand persons.

- Elections have not done without black technologies, - Sergey FULL, the chairman krajizbirkoma speaks . - In 21 - the m district, besides Alexey Smertin, has been registered the candidate - the namesake. However, as far as we know, it did not conduct any election campaign.

And still chernushnikam it was possible to mislead some voters. the double Smertin has typed 292 voices.

to Involve to deputatstvu known people, seemingly, became the phenomenon universal. And favourable. The people love, respect and revere sportsmen, actors. Even the State Duma has got in due time popular deputies: gymnasts Horkina and Kabaeva, figure skater Siharulidze and etc. Than Altai are worse? And to sportsmen it on advantage.

In political arena of children wait not less intensive trainings than in big-time sports. According to Alexey Smertin, it has felt heat already during election campaign when each hour has been painted practically on minutes.

For eks - the player of French Bordeaux English Portsmouth Chelsea CHarltona And Fulhema have voted about 15 thousand persons
the Photo: Oleg of WAYS

- In spite of the fact that Lesha known enough person any zvezdnosti was not. It has spent so much meetings with voters, how much has been planned, - the close friend of the sportsman tells Evgenie Borisov . - people went to it with the most different questions - beginning from grandmothers who asked to cut a tree creaking under a window, and finishing requests for the sponsor`s help. Last day I it am pure on - have companionably asked: Lesh, and a leah was though one person who has told thanks for everything, what you have already made yet without being the deputy? he was embarrassed and has told that is not present.

A day before elections Evgenie with Alexey have left to Belokurikha. It would be desirable to sleep, get rid of all cargo, all weariness which has collected during pre-election race. Companions simply relaxed, skied. Late at night on February, 28th have returned to Barnaul. And in day of voting, on March, 1st, since morning Alexey already was in the selective staff.

- He very much worried. Though also a kind did not submit, but I all - taki mother, me you will not deceive, - Antonina Smertin speaks. - all of us wanted, that it became the deputy. Now will be closer to the house, to parents, begins a thicket to come.

Throughout all day Alexey showed iron endurance. And even in the evening when it became authentically known about victory, he did not jump, did not shout for pleasure. Has only modestly smiled. Also has thanked all who helped him.

- People of such level are inclined to hide emotions, - Smertin`s friend notices. - Alexey in sports had many victories, therefore he is able to accept them adequately.

- In sports victory to gain more difficult physically. On elections as it has appeared, psychologically and morally, - Alexey has shared with us.

In a staff really estimated Smertin`s possibilities to win elections that is why were prepared for victory of the candidate. As soon as the definitive data from electoral committee has come, to Alexey has solemnly handed over the T-shirt prepared in advance. On the one hand on it it has been written a football Legend with another, - Alexey Smertin - the deputy of Altay territory . Having drunk champagne, the football player has left home, to parents. After all early in the morning it needed to fly to Moscow. Now Alexey will arrive to Barnaul, most likely, on mandate delivery - on March, 25th.

- Now   Lesha will solve all affairs in capital, - Evgenie Borisov tells, - now to it the offer has arrived to play abroad. However, in connection with victory on elections, Alexey does not exclude end of sports career.

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