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Where and as in Stavropol steal cars

the Economic crisis has strongly increased quantity of fans of an easy money. Among them it is a lot of the people earning on life by stealing of cars. With the beginning of spring all of them leave on hunting is more often, having armed with different degree of complexity with master keys and keys. However it is frequent any special adaptations for domestic cars and it is not necessary. the Zhiguli open scissors, militiamen joke. A leah so cars are defenceless, the correspondent " understood; .


Advice is given by the head of department of criminal investigation department of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Stavropol Territory Sergey pominov:

Any alarm system is not panacea from stealing. Removal standard factory protivougonki, connected with the ignition lock, for the expert - business 3 - 5 minutes. Popular alarm systems will delay parting with car for some minutes. In this case the car thief should learn at first that before it for system. Therefore never mould on the glasses of a label applied on the alarm system. Do not facilitate work to car thieves. Will even more complicate work of the thief presence of mechanical anticreeping locks - any blokiratorov for a wheel, pedals, the lock of ignition and a transmission, confidential dodges. That them to remove, it is necessary to tinker.   and it is superfluous time and the big risk. Therefore the more mechanical parts in the car it is blocked, the better.

If the criminal cannot cope with the alarm system it can go on armed assault, that is try to take hold of the car force (sometimes in arms). It can happen during a stop on a crossroads, parking near department store.     Not so long ago field investigators UUR have detained group of car thieves from KCHR which in such a way stole Volkswagens Tauregi . Two hefty guys pushed the owner into salon and went together with it a way part. Then one of car thieves remained to watch for the driver while the car will not leave far enough. By the time of when the owner appeared with the statement in militia, the car was already in other region. As a rule, hour suffices car thieves to steal the car in the next region. Therefore the earlier you declare stealing, the better.

not to become a victim of robbery, during movement   and especially door and window stops   cars hold the closed. On parkings necessarily look around - a leah observe of you. Expensive cars never steal without preliminary preparation - shadowings, so, findings-out of most often visited addresses, routes and a car parking. The attentive person will notice sitting at it on a tail cars. If have understood that you graze immediately leave.

under any pretext do not leave the car. Do not leave a key in ignition. Thieves go on the most different cunnings to entice you from the working car. For example, recently at the inhabitant of Stavropol have hijacked the car when it left to look, why the luggage carrier is opened. The car thieves who have preliminary opened the car, only also waited for it - have jumped in salon and distances on gases in the face of the dumbfounded owner.

Work together with the pickpocket too has not lost an urgency: in the same supermarket at the automobile owner car keys are pulled out from a pocket or a bag. So hold them in a place remote for dexterous fingers.

First sign of preparing stealing - failures in alarm system work: operation not from the first, unusual peep. It means, umeltsy considered the alarm system a code - grabberom. If notice strangenesses in behaviour of the alarm system, drive away the car on paid parking place is better.

99 % of cars in Stavropol keep up from unprotected parking and more often - from court yard in dormitory areas when the car thief is not limited in time. Similar stealings - on conscience of the owners carelessly concerning security of the car.


the State Duma of Russia is going to toughen punishment for stealing. Now car thieves leave often from punishment or get off with conditional terms. After detention declare that took the car to drive or to get warm . Two bills are already brought In the State Duma. If them will accept, to car thieves can threaten till 15 years of prison. This term will give, if the carjack was accompanied by application of violence, life-threatening and health, or threat of application of such violence. For usual stealing will give till 5 years. For group on preliminary arrangement to violence application, not life-threatening - from 2 till 7 years. With application of violence or with causing of especially large damage will put for the term from 6 till 12 years.

Besides, deputies of the State Duma have prepared the bill on which motorists will be obliged to provide safety of the vehicles. It is a question not of new cars which should provide with worthy protection factory or the dealer. Raskryvaemost stealings after introduction of new system should raise on 90 %.


Most running   in Stavropol models of foreign cars - off-road cars BMW H5 and Lexus RX 300 . These cars keep up to order, as a rule, in republics of the North Caucasus. At least there the majority of traces of cars is lost.

the Most stolen domestic cars in Stavropol - priors tens the twelfth and the fifteenth age from a year till two years. Old models at professional car thieves do not use demand. If them also steal to drive or sell on spare parts.

If you have the information on the persons who are engaged in stealings of cars, call by phone in Stavropol (8652 23 - 65 - 30. Confidentiality and compensation is guaranteed.


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