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Nikita of the WHITE: the Rights of Chineses have been saved top-level

That buyers did not overpay for service of shops
Nikita of the WHITE: - In these days off in Kirov there has passed fair. So it has turned out that the first fair which we position as weekly, has occurred in a light feast of Easter. People have come, people traded, people bought. In general, I consider that the first pancake not a clod, and finally we are going positive to continue it practice not each Easter, and each days off. It is necessary as - that to give the chance to the agricultural manufacture and agricultural processing enterprises to leave directly to buyers, passing trading networks, to give the chance to buyers to get not necessarily in shops, overpaying for that service which they would not like to get, and here buying here from those who has made this production. Leah
Can the simple grandmother who puts carrot or socks knits, to come there and too there a little to earn? Can. Moreover, we want, that it and was. Our problem - to make fair present that on it all who wants to sell, or all who wants to buy could come.

the atypical pneumonia in the Kirov region is not present
N. B.: - In a blog at myself I have written: has occurred, really, accident, tragical. And there was it not in the Kirov region. The Chinese woman who has taken a train Blagoveshchensk - Moscow in Chita, and has died it, excuse, in the Udmurt republic. Simply so it has turned out that the nearest railway station with decent hospital was in territory of the Kirov region Station Zuevka. And, as a matter of fact, we have taken this blow up. Thus, from the very beginning, when we have collected all interested persons - both Rospotrebnadzor, and public health services department, I have told: all information we open, that there was no panic that all knew about that as as occurs, briefings, a press - releases that occurs were regularly given, we undertake what actions, what steps are conducted.
I can tell that it`s OK already that 53 infected Chineses all these who have removed at station in Kirov for finding-out of all circumstances and on quarantine held in infectious hospital, them have already let out and have sent on that route on which they followed on Friday. The rights of Chineses have been observed top-level. Moreover, the rights of the late Chinese woman have been observed. That is the question on its opening dared with participation of embassy of the Peoples Republic of China, Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia, its relatives and so on. Moreover, we, probably, will award someone for such successful and correct work.

= the Situation with human rights looks bad
Leader Vladimir ROMENSKY: - various data Go here on the Internet that in Kirov the retaliatory psychiatry is applied. Elena Kozvoninoj`s names and natsbola Boris Smetanin are resulted. Elena Kozvonina demanded from Office of Public Prosecutor and militia to understand with illegal sale of the ground area belonging to it. It has been sentenced to compulsory treatment in psychiatric hospital. Earlier in the same hospital in Ganino Boris Smetanin has been placed natsbol. Before it repeatedly was exposed to reprisals, has been arrested for ten days when was going to take part in the March not consent. It also have excluded from high school. And how all was actually?
N. B.: - I now not undertake yet present the broad picture as all was actually. Smetanin while, as far as I know, from high school did not exclude. It is the student of faculty culturologists of VjatGGU. Besides, under supervision of psychiatric hospital it is since 2007. That is it not suddenly and not now here has occurred. Actually, its last occurrence in psychiatric hospital was voluntary. There is a signature about its voluntary consent to a premise in hospital. sitauatsiju the committee-man under human rights in the letter has stated this to me. We now understand.
the situation with human rights looks bad both at the all-Russian level, and in each concrete region. There is yet no system decision of the given problem. Now the governor checks personally each such fact, gives corresponding commissions. It is clear that the system so cannot function. I can delegate, of course, this question to someone from the assistants, but finally the hand control mechanism will be saved. And here it, of course, absolutely ugly situation. I attentively enough studied a situation in other regions and I can tell that there the system works more effectively, where the representative under human rights - really authoritative, dear person. The person who is the representative under human rights the authority gets a situation moving forward, instead of that place with which it occupies, not that function which it carries out, does its authoritative and respected. Here in what a problem.