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I am guilty to the son, but I want it to return!

then it officially was not married. And a bit later the husband and at all has thrown them. The grandmother helped with education of the child. And Natalia after heavy rupture has started to meet even more often friends behind an alcohol bottle.

About the son - the invalid she has almost forgotten. All life passed in a mode pjanka - a hang-over. In 2001 when Olezhke was one and a half year, to it have taken out the prevention: if will not stop to drink, of it will deprive of the parental rights. Natalia has promised to become reasonable. But again has broken. And from useless mummy have taken away its child.

And in 2007 - m have denounced her for evasion from the alimony. After all the woman anywhere did not work, and could not pay. To Natalia of a distance 2 months and 10 days of a colony - settlements. Here - that also there was a turning-point.

- At liberty I had many friends - drinking companions, - she tells. - And for two months when anybody from them has not found time to come to see me, me was about what to think. I am firm for myself have decided that I will change the life.

After a colony she has got acquainted with the second husband - such of what each woman dreams: hard-working, understanding, teetotal. It - that also has supported it on the first steps to new life.

- He has persuaded me to be coded, and I have agreed. Has ceased to drink, it was arranged with the cleaner in a bath. In 2008 we with it have undersigned. And I have decided to return the son by all means. Then, it is absolutely unexpected for itself, I have become pregnant. And at the husband - that the children are not present. Here we also have solved: let we will have a child.

Now to small Belief two and a half a month. The little girl grows healthy, in marriage young men are happy. There is no only one member of a family: Oleg, to which already 10 years.

- you present! - Natalia speaks. - If it leaves a boarding school when to it will be 17 whom I for it will be? Simply another`s aunt. I, of course, very much am guilty to it. Yes, the child the invalid. Yes, it can move only in an invalid chair. Yes, on treatment and medicines a great lot of money is required. But I am ready on all!

Now at Natalia two problems. It cannot competently make the statement as does not possess legal skills. And then, documents on - to any will go to Saransk area where now there lives Oleg, and the court will be there. But for the woman with the baby to escape so far it is almost impossible.

- I all the same believe that at me all will turn out, - Natalia smiles. - is more correct, I am assured of it!