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In Volgograd for gardens from - for colds have prolonged a cold season

the Cold and rains have returned to Volgograd oh as inopportunely. On April, 18th have disconnected batteries on all city, and 19 - a rain and +4. Inhabitants of Volgograd have got woollen socks and heaters.


And how kindergartens and hospitals?


In separate buildings of preschool centres a cold season have prolonged for a week - under the decision of city committee by training. And here to kids, whose kindergartens settle down on the ground floors of apartment houses, and such in a city 35 of 242, has carried less.

For example, boys and little girls from younger group 38 - go a kindergarten of the Central area an alenky floret in a quiet time sleep in pizhamkah, under warm blankets. And though in groups the temperature does not fall while below 20 degrees, tutors worry that children can freeze.

- it is For the present tolerant: a building old, walls had not time to cool down, - Nina Kuznetsova managing a kindergarten 38 " speaks; an alenky floret the Central area. - and if it will be tomorrow morning cool, it is necessary to include heaters.

And it is cool, under forecasts of weather forecasters, will be over the weekend. Warm weather will return to Volgograd by the next Monday.


By the way

the Statement in KTV on cold season prolongation can write and heads of hospitals. There now too it is not hot. Patients escape the sweaters brought from the house and blankets