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Leah it is possible to save on heating

- Hello, she is Tatyana. In connection with growth of tariffs for payment of invoices great sums leave the family budget very much. A leah it is possible to save on something?

- a Significant amount of losses of energy in housing and communal services - from - behind ours with you of a carelessness. Many forget or are lazy to turn off the light. And open cranes not a rarity. Replacement of habitual light sources by their power saving up analogues will cut down expenses on light in 5 times! If to approach more thoroughly - to use power saving up refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, - that current consumption can be lowered even more.

Considerable effect installation of individual devices of the account on cold and hot gives water supply. About 90 % of available housing it is not equipped by account devices, and the majority of the population pays under consumption specifications. Effect from account devices   Directly depends on quantity living in apartment: the more the person lives in apartment, the more economy. If, for example, it is registered in apartment of 5 persons, means, for days under specifications you pay more than for cubic metre, and in practice spend litres 300. Here also count.

the Basic share of expenses on utilities are a payment of thermal energy, its share makes an order of 50 % in a total cost of services. The device of regulation of consumption of thermal energy allows to reduce or increase volume teploenergii depending on air temperature in the street. In the conditions of warm winters it gives real economy. However owing to features of the device bolshej parts of our houses individual heat metres to establish while problemno.

- Means, to save on heating it is impossible?

- Well why, it is possible to put obshchedomovye devices of the account and consumption regulation. In Yaroslavl 500 houses already there are more are included in the Federal program carrying out of major repairs with attraction of means of Fund of assistance of reforming of housing and communal services. Having paid only 5 % from total amount of the means necessary
on   capital repairs you have possibility to repair intrahouse engineering systems elektro - warmly - gazo - water supply, water removal, including
with installation of devices of the account of consumption of resources and sites of management of thermal energy, hot and cold water, electric energy, gas.
however for this purpose it is necessary for citizens to show the initiative, after all means will be allocated only to those proprietors who will confirm the readiness to participate in the program.

- Good afternoon, it is Olga. At us in   apartments very hot. We wanted to put the counter and the regulation device. But to us have not resolved. It is lawful?

- Is not present, it is wrongful. For many apartments there is a problem when batteries heat too strongly. Especially it is actual for warm houses, as a rule, brick or constructed under new standards, and also the buildings located nearby from points of giving of heat. You need to insist, that in the house there was a device of regulation of thermal energy which allows to reduce volume of consumed heat depending on temperature of external air. The main thing in this case - not to establish at all the counter, and to provide regulation of volumes of consumption of thermal energy. It is process technically enough difficult, but shortly, I think, will be the widespread phenomenon. Installation only the instrument account usually pays off for a year - ones and a half.

- Hello! She is Irina Pavlovna. Earlier posters about economy of water, the electric power everywhere hung, and now someone is engaged in propagation?

- very good question. Power savings - business   everyone, and not just public authorities. We want to teach our children to correct, reasonable and rational use of all kinds of energy and house, and at school. More recently we have prepared the manual under power savings for average educational institutions and schools. Declared competition of children`s creative works and pedagogical workings out in power savings sphere. We want to draw attention of teachers and children to a problem of reasonable and rational use of energy. Competition is spent on four nominations for children and on two separate nominations for teachers: the best pedagogical working out on a subject of power savings and social advertising under power savings. To familiarise with position about competition it is possible on a site of our department more in detail. So I think that is fast posters about economy of resources again will appear.

- Good afternoon, Andrey Ivanovich. He/she is Michael. And what complexities arise in power savings sphere?

- Now very many want to pay cold and hot water for indications of devices of the account. You will find many offers in any advertising newspaper on installation of plastic windows, and here offers on installation of counters - units. Designing and installation of devices of the individual and house account is a perspective direction. The economic requirement for power savings has quite blossomed, and commercial structures should conceive this problem properly, it is necessary to provide the offer of such services from the small and average enterprises of Yaroslavl region.