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In Udmurtiya 22 - the summer guy has prevented tragedy

Nearby to o`clock in the morning on April, 6th, on Monday, sarapulskie rescuers have left on a call. On Kama under ice the girl has failed.
- we have arrived minutes through 3, - Maxim Plotnikov, the chief poiskovo - saving group PSO of Sarapul PSS tells Ur. - have seen on ice of two persons. Almost on all fours the young man dragged the girl to coast. We have run up, have put suffered on a stretcher, have called fast, have warmed. It strongly banged, tooth on tooth did not get

Physicians   have taken away it in hospital. Rescuers only also have written down age and a name of the girl - 18 summer Oksana. Has decided to walk on ice. And has rescued it 22 - summer Dmitry Vorobev - the inhabitant of Kambarsky area. They with the friend walked at this time at a pond.

- the Girl we have noticed, when it on the river left, - Dmitry tells. - at coast that ice still thick, and in the middle where the current, already water is visible. We thought, it hardly will pass and will return. For any time have turned away. Having turned, have already seen that it is not present. And only have heard its shouts: Help! Help! .

Dmitry has shouted to a companion that he has called rescuers, and itself has run out on ice.
- at first I wanted to find a stick. But when has understood that time leaves, has solved - here goes: I will try though a hand I will stretch In addition it it was not audible any more.

When it has approached more close, the girl kept for ice edge almost without consciousness. Upon Dmitry has dawned that it is possible for it to throw a jacket.
- I was approximately in one and a half metres from it, - he remembers. - has laid down a stomach on ice. Took a jacket for one sleeve, and another has thrown to it. She has tried to get out, but ice has broken off. It has left under water. Thought all. But it has come up and more time has seized for a sleeve. I have pulled and so has dragged some more metres. To rise that it was impossible - could fail. And there already and rescuers have appeared in time.

- It has made all correctly, - rescuers have told. - directly under the instruction.
and Dmitry says that some times saw on the TV as rescue sinking and, fortunately, was forgot nothing.

Having got warm tea, Dmitry with the friend have left. And the girl at this time in hospital have made a prick and have sent it with militiamen.

- she has refused hospitalisation, behaved very aggressively, and drunk it was, - physicians have told.
to find it, unfortunately, it was not possible to us.

Dmitry is assured that any another also would arrive on its place. And here rescuers consider: its exploit should be noticed and intend to thank Dmitry.