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How to become beautiful without victims

When hair   do not please

(I on lower eyelids had any pimples. How it is possible to get rid of them?

- These small educations arise owing to corking grease and potovyh glands, is more often they appear in puberty. To remove them it is possible an electrocoagulation method.

(At me such unpleasant problem - hair on the person began to grow. Why it and how they are better for deducing?

is gipertrihoz. The reason can be endokrinnye infringements, therefore you should seem endokrinologu to treat aetiologies, instead of its superficial displays.

- I accepted in due time hormonal means. A leah they could contribute in growth of hair on the person?

- In any measure could. Ovolosenie can arise after physiotherapeutic procedures. Besides, the climax period influences. Can be and the genetic reasons.   by the way, working women of the beer enterprises who work with hop suffer affliction from excessive growth of hair also. Before treatment gipertrihoza it is necessary to find out in details the reason of growth of hair and if necessary to be surveyed. As at endokrinnyh infringements if not to treat the reason   diseases, removal of hair will be useless.

Treatment is spent by the various methods which choice depends on features of health of the patient and type gipertrihoza.

Toads against warts

(I have often warts. A leah it is possible to deduce them national methods. It is said that to them almost frogs put

- Yes, tell that of warts get rid by means of toads, and still tie a wart with a thread. I personally have no acknowledgement of efficiency of such methods. Usually warts are deduced by means of liquid nitrogen.

Dima Bilan: Men too need to watch itself and to delete superfluous .
the Photo: Ilya SMIRNOV

(Me callosities have tortured. I try to deduce their itself, but it turns out badly.

- Callosities do not appear suddenly and anywhere. We will begin that it is not necessary to carry close footwear, moreover on a naked foot. Besides, callosities arise at ploskostopii. Therefore choose   convenient footwear and a special insole. To delete callosities it is very uneasy, it is possible to bring an infection and strongly to be wounded. So it is better to do all procedures in beauty shop.

(the summer is fast, it would be desirable to put on thin stockings. And at me hair standing grow. How they can be removed?

- the Most simple method - removal of hair by means of hot or cold wax. But this procedure gives temporary effect. Hair again grow in couple of weeks. The most accessible method - electrocoagulation. Last years removal of hair is made by means of the laser and fotoepiljatsii. But not all lasers and fotoepiljatsija delete light and a grey hair. In all cases procedure of removal of undesirable hair demands repeated sessions.