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Frenchmen have entered new requirements for travellers with children

France . Henceforth notarially certified consent to departure of the child (till 18 years) from BOTH parents is necessary. Even if the child goes together with mum and the father! They can write two permissions - that mother he trusts the child to the father, and it. The second variant - one joint permission (without instructions of the accompanying person). The document should be translated into French and signed a maximum 1 month prior to giving in consulate.
it is clear that on preparation for a trip will leave more time and money. The complete list of documents - on a site of embassy of France http:// www. ambafrance - ru. org/
the United Arab Emirates . Now for a trip to the Emirates the international passport should be valid a minimum of 6 months. There were enough 3 months earlier. On it have informed in representation of Department of tourism and commercial marketing of Dubai.
Hong Kong . The agreement on cancellation of visas to Hong Kong for tourists who come no more than for 14 days Tomorrow should be signed. It will enter force after ratification (usually on it leaves about 3 months). Now the visa costs 1500 roubles and is made out for a week.