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In Voronezh from - for crisis buyers of furniture wait for delivery by months

Experts of a society thus notice that from all complaints with which come to them   voronezhtsy, that are connected with delay of delivery of furniture, - the majority.  

- We observe this situation since October, - the head of legal department of a society tells Anastas Remizova. - a Number of the Voronezh firms which do furniture to order, money took from people, but did not execute the obligations under the contract. Months promised to the buyers already tomorrow to bring furniture, but did not do it. For example, so have arrived with one of our clients. It has reserved a nursery more than for 60 thousand roubles still on November, 2nd. However till now the wall has not received. In court the prize on this business, as well as on others similar, will be absolute. Unfortunately, the Voronezh consumers understand not all: They not only have the right to demand to execute the order in time, but can and refuse at all it, having taken away all money.

Mebelshchikam if they do not want to incur serious losses, is better not to wait courts - so lawyers advise.

- Recently we have carried similar case, - continues Anastas Remizova. - the Claimant has reserved a table for 8500 roubles, but has not received it in time. The firm has refused to return to it money. As a result the buyer has seized at shop not only that sum which it has given for furniture, but also 6000 roubles of the penalty, 5500 - for court costs, 1000 - for mental cruelty, and in end to all - the penalty in 7500 roubles. Thus, the little table has managed to manufacturers in 27 thousand roubles. And if the furniture costs in times more expensively? Losses will be very serious!

Be well informed

What to do if your furniture do not bring in time:

First of all make the claim in writing. In it it is necessary to describe an essence of your complaint, to specify, in what infringement of your consumer rights consists, to make the corresponding link to the law. Accurately formulate your requirements and designate terms of delivery of the goods.

Give your claim to the executor of the contract, and its copy leave to itself. On these papers to you should undersign and set the seal.

Under the law, after claim drawing up the executor of the order should solve your problem within 10 calendar days. If any actions from the organisation will not follow, it is necessary to bring an action against it. Correctly make the claim professional lawyers can only.