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Ideal figure for two months!

past Saturday in Nizhni Novgorod has taken place 3 - j the area championship on athletic fitness. On the eve of competition in a press - the centre representatives of our command have gathered: the trainer of a national team Sergey Blinov, participants of tournament Vera Vlasova and Alexey Chigarov, the world champion of 2008, the president of federation of athletic fitness of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Dmitry Krivchikov. On the threshold of vesenne - a summer season participants a press - conferences spoke about health. Specially for readers champions have told how to be restored after the winter period without a loss for an organism.

-   There is nothing impossible, - the Belief of Vlasova is assured. - I, of course, never was a doughnut, always went in for sports. But has at a given time dared at small experiment. It wanted to check up, how much I psychologically strong, a leah I can to reach an object in view - to make the body faultless. It was very heavy, especially first, it is a lot of restrictions. But I managed it!   it is necessary to begin with small and, of course, to lead up begun up to the end.

1. Make movement by the purpose

the Big error of many people - the pressing forward to grow thin, - Vera Vlasova is assured. - But not this main thing! It is not necessary to put before itself aim to lose superfluous kgs. To adjust itself it is necessary on an active way of life. There is a possibility to go with work to house on foot - go. And, not slow, walking step, and it is quick enough. During week-end it would be desirable to have a rest and roll about in front of the TV on a sofa? Force itself to rise and descend with friends or native on walk in wood! Remember: here the self-discipline is important. In the beginning it is necessary to break yourselves, but already soon you not can and present to the life without movement.

2. Eat often, but gradually

it would Seem, to grow thin so easily! It is enough to go on a diet. Now so it is a lot of them: kefiric, Kremlin, a diet on apples. But athletes to starve do not advise. The Nizhniy Novgorod champions are in good shape thanks to the balanced food. Here that it means.

- the diet is a terrible thing, especially I do not recommend to its women, - explains Vera Vlasova. - For the first week kgs come to naught very quickly. Usually girls are content with it and throw a starvation course. And here the most awful begins: the female organism is arranged so that in the certain, critical moment joins its protective functions. That is, after hunger-strike the organism starts to restore missing elements and as consequence starts to get fat. And you together with it. And we want to achieve other effect. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to listen to the organism. Eat more often, but small portions. For a dinner you should eat so much meal, how much will be located in one glass. As soon as will get hungry, repeat a meal. I assure you, with such approach at you and the metabolism will improve.
if we have decided to struggle for beautiful, a sound body it is necessary itself and which in what to limit. For example, in smoked products, fried and fat. Pass to easier food: vegetables, fruit, groats, meat and fish on pair, tvorozhok. But sharp transitions cannot be done. Refuse high-calorie food gradually. If you ate 10 rolls in a week reduce this quantity at first to 7 earlier, then, to 5 and is etc. very fast you and will not notice, how are satisfied with one bun for seven days and fine feel!

3. We swing a press - we clean a tummy

the Stomach - one of the most problematic parts of a body as men, and women. To increase it is a piece of cake, and here to clean the present problem. But to make it, nevertheless, it is possible. And the most simple way - to swing a press. At first exercise carry out for 5 minutes in day, gradually increasing time. Here the regularity is important: remember self-discipline and try to be engaged in this exercise daily. Only then you will have a long-awaited result. The tummy becomes flat, and at men on it will appear also cubes in two months.

other topical problem with which every third woman - a cellulitis pushes together. Also it is possible to get rid of it in no time - there would be a desire. To transform a flabby skin in elastic and smooth to you the eutrophy and simple exercises will help only. We will talk about meal. If you have such problem as a cellulitis it means that you incorrectly eat. As trainers on athletic fitness speak, the cellulitis appears from fat food. Exclude it from the diet. Pass to fruit, vegetables, reduce volumes of the dinner, do not overeat. For certain you eat more than your organism can digest, differently you would not face a problem of a cellulitis so close. Naturally, on one vegetables and fruit far you will not leave. Therefore physical activities are necessary for efficiency also. Simply, exercise " would seem; knee-bend - an excellent training apparatus for our feet. Daily trainings will result your hips and buttocks in the ideal form through 2 - 3 months. It will be ideal, if to these exercises you add run. Jog - excellent gymnastics for all organism.

4. Good mood - health pledge

the Laughter prolongs life, and the good mood holds in a tone - it our champions are assured.

-   Struggle with depressions, do not allow bad, gloomy mood to stifle you, - Sergey Blinov advises. - rejoice life more, open for itself something new, do not go in cycles in the bad. You should not have bad thoughts is destroys you and your body. Scientists have proved for a long time already that from bad mood people get fat faster. Relax more and enjoy life!