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Pincers have already bitten 10 permjakov

Pincers have opened a season in Prikamye. With complaints to stings to epidemiologists ten were converted already not imparted permjakov. To attack people pincers, have begun in   Ordzhonikidzevsky and Kirovsk areas of Perm, and also in Kultaeve and settlement Keys. Insects investigated, one has appeared a carrier kleshchevogo entsefalita, another - iksodovogo kleshchevogo borrelioza.

how to be protected

the Most effective way to be saved from kleshchevogo entsefalita - an inoculation. If you have not made it, observe simple rules.

- Avoid thickets of undersized bushes.   do not break a branch - will shake on itself ticks.

- Necessarily put on a headdress: a cap, a scarf, a hat. Long hair hide.

- After walk examine clothes. Stir up it is suddenly the tick it was hooked for a fabric.   examine a body. Comb hair a frequent comb. If will find out the tick, burn it.

do not forget about spetssredstvah. Akaritsidnymi it is possible to process only outer clothing (avoid hit on a skin!) repellentnymi - both clothes, and a skin. The Russian preparations stand 50 - 70 roubles, import - within 200 roubles.

Repellents (frighten off ticks):

Biban (Slovenia); Off! An extreme Gardeks an aerosol an extreme (Italy); DEFI - the Taiga   the Gaul - RET Gal - RET - kl Deta - VOKKO Reftamid a maximum (Russia).

Akaritsidy (kill ticks):

an aerosol Gardeks - the antitick (Italy); brusok Pretiks aerosols Reftamid taiga the Tornado - the Antitick Picnic - the Antitick Fumitoks - the antitick Permanon (Russia).

If the tick has stuck

Is better to be converted behind the help into medical institution. If it is impossible, delete independently. But then all the same run in laboratory that the tick investigated.

- Grasp the tick tweezers or a pure gauze as it is possible more close to a skin. Disciplining it it is perpendicular to a skin surface, turn round an axis and drag. At all do not pull the tick: the part of an insect can remain in ranke.

- Properly wash up hands with soap. A sting place grease zelenkoj, iodine, spirit or cologne.

- If a head or hobotok the tick remained in a skin, this place needs to be processed iodine and to leave before natural removal.

- the Tick place in capacity with a damp napkin or a blade: so it can be stored two days. For this term try to deliver the tick live in laboratory to carry out necessary analyses.