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Hot news Bottom the Nizhniy Novgorod film fans one of the first have suited not to taste

On Tuesday have seen a provocative film young, but already known producer Sam Klebanov in alternative circles Hot news . It is a film parody to the Russian internal troops. To represent a picture in our city Sergey Garmash, played a role of the gangster should also. But at the last minute at the actor plans have changed and he has asked to apologise before nizhegorodtsami.

- I Think, he all has told the role, - Sam Klebanov justified the colleague. - it is necessary to tell, I long persuaded him for this work. So has coincided, at that time it just has been three times nominated on Oscar also thought how not to walk smack in a casual film. But he nevertheless has agreed and has enriched our picture. After shootings it collected us for discussion, something money changers in the scenario. It has very much helped us.

viewing has passed ambiguously: The picture shocked the Nizhniy Novgorod spectators.

- that for delirium?! - It is angry the young guy has muttered at the top of the voice, is obvious not concordant that occurred on the screen.

However, already to the film middle, probably, from a hopelessness, the indignation of spectators was replaced with a Homeric laughter. People leaving a hall puzzly shrugged shoulders: and why round this film such agiotage has risen?

- we name this picture without comments - Sam Klebanov has explained after the termination of a film. - the daily absurdity which surrounds us in life Here is shown.

on Friday Hot news will show at film prestigious festival in New York. Besides, it can see and spectators a Kinotavr .

About what the film

at militiamen is fastened In the centre of Moscow firing with gangsters. The shot gets to the television order: One of guards under a pistol barrel asks about mercy of the malefactor. At session of the higher ranks of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs young piarshchitsa suggests to transform capture of a dangerous gang into a reality - show and by that to lift prestige of militia in the opinion of simple people. To the members of spetsnaz attacking the house where criminals hide, have given out mini - videocameras - the image about storm should arrive in a real time mode on all TV channels. But the militia again comes to grief. And then already   gangsters start to conduct the reporting all over the country...