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In Tula to employees Tulapassazhirtrans criminal case

the Situation with transport in our city was taken over the control by the Tula regional Office of Public Prosecutor. It was found out that between two motor transportation enterprises - Tulgorelektrotrans (is on balance of a city) and Tulapassazhirtrans (private traders) the lease contract of trolley buses and buses has been concluded. It has expired still on January, 1st this year from - that the last have not paid off debts on a rent - 917   000 roubles. Thus to return back cars the enterprise, probably, did not gather.


- M aterialy checks we naprav or in investigating bodies which will decide to raise or not criminally e business in the relation Officials Tulapassazhirtrans and under item 330 With amoupravstvo - have explained to us in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tula area. - to all other at the enterprise a dale gi on zar to a payment - 24 million rbl. Therefore at present Action about an administrative offence on p.1 item 5 is brought. 27 N arushenie legislations on work .