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In Saratov at the Skateboard there was a new dwelling

In November of this year known Saratov to the Skateboard to the only thing in our country to theatre of magic and focuses, 22 years will knock. about its problems, most important of which - absence of a premise time and again wrote. a skateboard every year concluded with Officers` Club the lease. But in 2007 - m in the country the new decision according to which, before to conclude the contract has come into force, the territorial administration on property should spend auction. a skateboard then paid 270 thousand a year, and it is natural that would be wishing to pay more but then the theatre will be on the street. Officials offered a premise on city suburb but who there will go on performance? Actors have already started to receive the writ about premise clearing.

And here this long-term insuperable epopee now has ended. to a skateboard At last - that have found suitable dwelling. It is a building on Forge, 43. It belongs to theatre since April, 1st of this year. Joyful event for conjurers has occurred in many respects also thanks to efforts of the well-known capital actors - Emilja Kio and Alexander Kalyagin. In the autumn of last year the chairman of the Union of circus figures of Russia the national actor and the chairman of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia were converted to head of administration Vyacheslav Somovu with letters in which asked to solve a question with a premise for the Skateboard .

As a result all efforts have crowned by success, and to the Skateboard have given a premise.

- to the New building of more than hundred years, earlier in it there was an old believe church. There - high ceilings, are a scene and auditorium on 200 places. Unlike present, calculated all on 80 spectators, - theatre director Sergey Schukin rejoices. - However, the building is in utter desertion, and serious repair is necessary to it. The premise is heated by gas furnaces, but they not in a status to warm a huge hall with high ceilings. And a toilet and at all in a court yard. And it is awful! But if on repair there will be money the candy will turn out simply! I hope that deputies of a municipal duma will dig up on it resources.

- Crisis will not prevent repair?

- Meanwhile concrete terms of its beginning are not known. Certainly, here it is necessary to put millions! The water drain, independent heating, 200 armchairs, too it is necessary to make lifting, that in auditorium the inclination was... It would be desirable, that for a summer something have made! - Sergey Vadimovich dreams. - At least the water drain have stretched also a heating copper have put, and it is already possible to get over in our new building in the autumn. However, while in a building on Forge there are mugs of a society of the blind. They there resided under the contract of gratuitous using and should prolong the contract every year. It has expired on January, 1st, but has not been prolonged. Now it look for a new premise.

And At this time

Artem Schukin will go to China

the Son of a family of conjurers, Artem Schukin known all country on participation in show Minute of glory too has reached successes in skill and gathers to China in the summer. There it will take part in the world Olympic Games of conjurers.

- This honour of Artem it is awarded for the first time, - has told Schukin - the senior. - even simply to act on these Olympic Games. Victory there is not so important. Participation is already very honourable and if to enter in 20 - ku, so it on a broader scale super! And Artem of can show, and it learn and will notice.