Rus News Journal

Smokers will send on errands from everywhere? And it is correct!

thank God, there are sound people and in our fatherland: senator Rustem Shijanov, for example. He has suggested to forbid smoking practically everywhere: at entrances, halls, on ladder platforms   our houses, and also in apartments without the consent of all proprietors or employers of habitation!

Who will break this sacred principle - to kick out from houses and apartments. In the State Duma the corresponding bill is already introduced.

Gallantly, Rustem!
And I do not joke. Silly the habit to push into itself a poisoning smoke always seemed to me, and at the same time to gift to all of them of associates.

On “aquariums“ at the airports where smoke tired out as a herring in a butt smokers - I look with delight. So also it is necessary to them!
Certainly, the person is free to poison itself for the money as much as necessary. Eventually, to it in a coffin to lay down under own initiative.

But I - then and? And on a broader scale all who does not smoke? We - that of that for the sake of should swallow of a smoke, let and for your money?
I wait for that moment when in cafe waiters will cease to speak joyfully:“ The first row of little tables for non-smoking, the others - for smokers ”. It that for rudeness?!

Yes go you, smokers to pitch on street, under a rain and snow. And I am not going to be the derelict to whom take away a place in a corner only because it does not have bad habit to smoke. Agree, it is any idiotic formula: you do not drink, you do not smoke, a floor-mat you do not swear - go and sit in a corner! There are no little tables - stamp to breathe a smoke in a part of a hall for smokers.

the World all - taki should be equipped for normal people.

you, kind my contemporaries from whom strikes as from an ashtray - can voice me all claims. Only when will cease to die from a cancer of lungs and to give birth nikotinozavisimyh to children, OK?

By the way, Europe all it for a long time already prosekla. There to smoke not that that it is not fashionable, and simply it is not favourable. One shtrishok. For example, in Germany second-hand cars in which salons smoked, sharply go down in price. And them take thus reluctantly.