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The Kishinev Ulyanovs the surnames are not going to change

- Know, while I went to school, my coevals as - that did not remember Vladimir Iliche in connection with me. And as in university has arrived, me here on a broader scale have started to name Lena Lenin . My surname very much is pleasant to me, I very much am proud of it. Also I am not going to change it when I will marry at all.

Lydia Fedorovna ULYANOV, the pensioner:
- Me of 75 years, and I all life rejoice this surname. In Soviet period always heard in the address the surprised compliments, many even envied me. Troubles this surname to me never delivered. Know, when I have married the second time, I and remained Uljanovoj. And when the son was born, I have insisted on that it had my surname. And the husband, in general - that, not so resisted.

Elena Ivanovna KRUPSKY:
I would be not against less known surname, than Krupsky. But me it is not too uneasy with a surname of the husband is, that I began to change it. Usually, when learn my surname, at once ask, leah Konstantinovna Hope? But is not present, I not Hope and my daughter with such surname not Hope. I remember, once I came back by bus from Odessa. And when on border began to return passports with the seals it is loud so have shouted: Krupsky! And in salon someone has told: Well time with us Krupsky all will be as it should be . All smile, when hear my surname.


Lenin places of Kishinev

to That   in Kishinev appropriated in Soviet period a name of one of the most known politicians of the past.

It is possible to recognise or not to recognise companion Ulyanov - Lenin as the historic figure, it is possible to consider as its malicious genius or the father of the people . This your business, but Lenin`s name is for ever connected with history of our country. So we will remember: what places in capital bore legendary Vladimir Ilicha Ulyanov`s name - Lenin?
Lenin`s prospectus - nowadays parkway Shtefana of foreheads of Mare shi Sfynt. Well and how still to name the main street of the Soviet republic? The answer then was one.
the monument to Lenin has been established on October, 11th, 1949 on a central square before a building of the House of the government. It have noted 25 - letie creations of Communist Party of Moldova. Now the Area of National Meeting without a monument as a monument to Lenin have transported on VDNH in 1991.
Lenin area - the centre of Kishinev. Here and the Lenin REGISTRY OFFICE was, both Lenin social security, and Lenin court. In Leninsk area all was Lenin.
the state library of a name of the wife of Vladimir Lenin - Nadezhdy Konstantinovny Krupsky. Among students was simply Krupsky . The main library of the country does not carry today a nobody`s name, and the National library of Republic Moldova simply is called. Before a front entrance in a building there is a monument to the writer George Asaki, therefore the people appropriate often his name to library.  
the Kishinev state university of a name of V.I.Lenin is based in 1945. A name of the leader have given to high school, probably, remembering its well-known appeal: to Learn, learn to study and more time! it always students also should do, instead of drink, walk and marry.
a recreation park of Lenin on Botany. In the past the area Botany was Soviet, and the park has been named by a name of the most known Bolshevik.