Rus News Journal

The dollar has gone over to the offensive?

in Russia too the second day successively indexes of RTS and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange following the results of the auctions decrease. With what it is connected? According to experts, the event is similar to a hang-over. Last 2 months of a stock exchange worldwide grew on hope gleams . Quotations of the Russian stock markets have in this time risen more than on 50 %. Time Now has come to go down from heavens on the earth. After all crisis yet has not ended.
Against these moods the world price for oil decreases also. It has fallen to $49 for barrel, though still two weeks ago a butt oil cost $55. To negative news has reacted both the currency market. Dollar exchange rates and euro in relation to our national currency have grown yesterday more than for 50 copecks. Now for one the American give 34,1 roubles, and the euro costs 44,08 roubles. Many experts consider that falling of the markets will proceed the next weeks two. Nevertheless to say that the dollar has gone over to the offensive, rather early. Now speculators at stock exchanges fix profit. As soon as this process will end - the markets again will go upwards, and together with them the rouble exchange rate will be corrected also.