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Honour and worthiness the deputy

In Buturlinovsky area of the Voronezh region unprecedented process has come to the end: the former head Buturlinovkamezhrajgaz the director of a private concern Gazpolimerservis the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma Nikolay Kotelnikov demanded to protect the honour, worthiness and business reputation. In its opinion, it has suffered from statements of the peasant from village Patokino Ivana Rybalkina which asserted that Kotelnikov urged peasants to pay off for gas carrying out to their houses with ground shares. As co-defendants during process 20 peasants   have been involved even more; from Nikolay Kotelnikova`s deputy district which in the numerous complaints in various instances informed on its methods dialogue with them in the course of gasification.

According to the law, inhabitants of two small buturlinovskih has sat down should prove in court that wrote truth about actions of the deputy and businessman Nikolay Kotelnikova and that it really urged them to pay off for gasification of home ownerships not with money, and ground shares. The claimant assuming, probably that process becomes that edification who dares to sound publicly discontent with its methods managing itself has tired out itself in the extremely unpleasant situation. Court, recognising arguments of people convincing, as a matter of fact, has confirmed officially that Nikolay Kotelnikov urged peasants to give the ground shares for gas carrying out.

Povedenie Kotelnikova in court reminded dialogue of the landowner with the peasants.
a photo: Alexander PYLEV.

Rich and poor

In itself litigation in Buturlinovsky area has no analogues, at least in region. The deputy involving as co-defendants of the voters which wrote on it complaints, - already unexpected course. Thus, to condemn peasants (and some of them do not have even senior secondary education), Nikolay Kotelnikov has involved as the lawyer of one of the most known and expensive lawyers of Voronezh. The people`s choice and its lawyer each time arrived on court sessions on heaped up jeeps. People have been urged to go to district from villages by the bus, paying from the poor pocket on 20 rbl. of 60 copecks for   the one way ticket. Clear business, for Kotelnikova and the lawyer representing him - the sum absolutely imperceptible. But for peasants with their scanty incomes unbounded trips to the regional centre on judicial sessions were essential financial burden.

Sessions went all day long. In a break peasants, looking in buffet near to court, sadly sighed and swung heads over the seen prices. As a result bought on a cheap dry biscuit and it is accurate its fur-trees, trying not to lose even crumbs.
a characteristic detail: when Buturlinovsky   the regional court after long debate at last has passed the decision, last bus to Elezavetino and Patokino, whence there have arrived co-defendants, for a long time has left. As a result of people in villages the journalists covering process have sent by editorial cars.

Nikolay Kotelnikov with the lawyer.
a photo: Alexander PYLEV.

Idle time deputy Thanks!

And during sessions of court Nikolay Kotelnikov behaved not as the person to whom is entrusted to represent interests of the people in Legislative Assembly. Its tone, gestures and phrases concerning the voters who have turned to respondents, - all it reminded dialogue of any landowner, necessarily urged to go down from the unearthly heights intelligence, a prosperity and culture to level Lackeys . Even Nikolay Kotelnikov in court impressive,   sat; having occupied itself in individual using the whole bench whereas peasants were restricted on four.

But sometimes from a mouth of the deputy phrases from which to peasants became not on itself Svetlana Ruban when during process it became clear sounded that it concerned to   to the complaint which has laid down in a basis of the criminal case got by investigatory committee on   to manipulations with ground shares, have taken away from a court hall on fast . Nikolay Kotelnikov has given to it such Thanks! that at even young woman pressure has sharply flied up, and she had to leave urgently a hall of court and to be converted to doctors.

it became bad and the witness interrogated in court who has shown that Nikolay Kotelnikov and his wife Tatyana working in Gazpolimerservise the chief accountant, have urged it to pay off for gasification by shares. As soon as the witness left a court hall, to it have informed that supposedly the firm asks the woman to be for cancellation of the contract on gasification for the given share and the conclusions of the new agreement with calculation by money resources. Medical aid and more Was required to one peasant who is already simple owing to age has not sustained so tormentingly long session.  

the Photo: Alexander PYLEV.

For the sake of justice and own worthiness

In the latter case, probably, it would be possible to ask: what for on a broader scale it has gone to court if has not been assured of the physical status? And on a broader scale, for the sake of what in a springtime people living by a kitchen garden have decided to devote so much   time to judicial lawsuits absolutely alien to them? Why, reaching from distant villages by the collapsing old buses, the peasants who have got used to an eternal rural dirt put on in court the best and clean clothes,   trying to be top-level ? The answer here one - all of them was moved by acute sense of justice and restrained own worthiness. The peasants who have found forces and a civic courage to act in court against the person supervising an overwhelming part of the earths near to their settlements (when - that of collective farm rattling all around of Krupsky), the businessman and the politician having influence, - they, instead of it, protected the honour and worthiness. They responded to long-term humiliation which have tested in the course of gasification of the houses.

Gas not yours! - Did not shout almost during discussion peasants to Nikolay Kotelnikovu. - It not from your kitchen garden goes. Why you dispose of it?! in the answer he only grinned. On a broader scale, the smile as if was pasted to a countenance of the deputy when people - one after another - bore to how Nikolay Kotelnikov or its subordinates urged people to give for gas the main value and a basis of vital way of peasants - their earth. The countenance has cardinally changed after judgement announcement: neither it, nor its lawyer obviously were not ready to such turn of events.

Peasants struggled for the rights.
a photo: Alexander PYLEV.

How much gas for the people?

During session refined lawyer Kotelnikova in legal subtleties so has turned a situation that ostensibly peasants should be grateful to the deputy, decided to instal gas in them for ground shares. The pier, cadastral cost of the earth to market has no relation, and really the share costs more cheaply, than that sum which would take from peasants if spent gas for money.

But people have fairly noted: if the difference in the price was so essential as the lawyer spoke, would leave that Gazpolimerservis pulls pipes to people with an enormous loss for itself, losing on each court yard of ten thousand roubles. For commercial structure it not only is absurd, but also at all under the law as - that: in the Charter after all profit extraction, instead of philanthropy in the course of gasification is written down. Means, here all not so is simple. And if Nikolay Kotelnikov preferred payment for gas shares, means, fulfilment of similar transactions was favourable its firm, means, he has been assured of the highest profitability similar barter : gas in exchange for the earth.

In - the second to compare objectively, it is necessary to have on hands the estimate of works on gasification. And similar calculations were many years a stumbling stone. It sounded the enormous sums: for a number of court yard more than 100 thousand roubles.

In the answer peasants fairly demanded to explain to them, such figures whence undertook? At first it on a broader scale refused to explain something and when the estimate, at last, has arisen, people and have not seen an accurate substantiation of the expenses put in it. Moreover, having reserved calculation of the similar estimate in independent firm, they have received the sum twice smaller, than exposed by it.

By the way, many people, long time not receiving gas because refused to give the shares, and To pull the sums declared to it were simply not in forces, have received last months in the houses blue fuel. As contractors of works brigades of local district gas and gas services from the next areas have acted. And the price for peasants for connection has appeared in two - three times more low, than under estimates already the former head     Buturlinovkamezhrajgaz .

Related a setup

On a broader scale, with estimates there was extremely a bad story and in court. Too, by the way, in the area of honour and worthiness. However, it is not so so much deputy how much the universal. Nikolay Kotelnikov has made decision to subpoena as a witness the wife Tatyana working in Gazpolimerservise the chief accountant. It is simple to guess that Tatyana`s all indications represented her husband and its activity in the most favorable light. Another matter that, calling the wife the official witness, Kotelnikov should understand: to it can set and such questions, having responded on which it is absolutely fair, it will expose disparagingly both the husband, and their firm. And if will play a cunning trick, risks, according to articles   307 and 308 criminal codes of Russian Federation to appear involved in a criminal liability.

Actually, this extremely ticklish situation also has arisen. The question on has been asked to Tatyana Kotelnikovoj, a leah gave Gazpolimerservis estimates on work, a leah the contract on carrying out of a street pipe and obvjazku home ownerships consisted? yes. Estimates were given - has responded the chief accountant.

Among two tens peasants sitting in a hall murmur at once has gone: Says lies! Lie! It was not given! moreover, it is literally after Tatyana Kotelnikovoj two witnesses have been interrogated. It, to the people who have been not connected by any relations neither with Nikolay Kotelnikovym, nor with Gazpolimerservisom and   also warned about a criminal liability for lie in court, the return question has been asked: a leah was given to them the estimate on work or not? Is not present - witnesses have unequivocally assured court.

As a result left very ugly: the simple logic says that if two persons and more assert opposite to volume that before it one person, most likely, this one lies has told. And if he lies in court is can have the extremely serious consequences.

the Benefactor of regional scale

Lawyer Kotelnikova resorted to different courses to prove case of the customer. In particular, has presented to court of a x-copy of pages of the dictionary of Ozhegova on which word meaning " has been written; to force to urge   and also has invited as witnesses of inhabitants of villages who did not write complaints to Kotelnikova,   That they have given evidences about voluntary delivery of shares to the deputy.     such witnesses during a legal investigation interrogated more than once.   peasants as one nearly from a court threshold started to give thanks to Nikolay Kotelnikova that national property - gas -   it has appeared it is brought to their houses. They finished the indications active praise of the deputy, places passing in bows to the ground.
from outside to look at it it was sad. And here a question at all in that, learnt them or not the lawyer and a family of Kotelnikovyh how correctly to act and what to respond. The main thing in motivating of those who has agreed to bear on the party of the people`s choice. As a matter of fact, such motives can be two: either fear, or sincere gratitude. But if with fear all is clear: to go against the most influential person in district, means to threaten reliability of gas supply in the house. To dare at it, it is necessary, really to be driven by injustice to despair.

And here with sincere gratitude all is more difficult. Gas, the national property, which carrying out in the Russian villages it is designated by the President of Russia as the fifth national project, has gradually turned in consciousness of many inhabitants of Buturlinovsky area to Nikolay Kotelnikova`s personal property. Bowing to it in court, peasants, that without understanding, rendered to the deputy clumsy assistance. After all they not gave thanks to the governor who has achieved additional financial assets in Gazprom on gasification of area and   responded on these volumes the counter proportional sums of the regional budget, and at all the head of the local government putting last remains of regional treasury in rural gas pipelines. They told thanks the owner of the private company which have made the whole train of the extremely doubtful transactions with ground shares (legality   Which are checked now by investigatory committee at regional Office of Public Prosecutor).

the Deprived freedom in choosing

Similar transformation of consciousness has occurred at inhabitants buturlinovskih has sat down not for no reason. Witnesses gave evidences in court as, for example, already planned was a gas pipeline route on village has changed the trajectory after one of inhabitants has refused to pay off with shares for a pipe. And in conversations has sounded much and other, extremely unattractive stories. For example, as in one of houses, by which already   there was a pipe, did not begin to make internal obvjazku as Nikolay Kotelnikov has met the master of the house with a fishing tackle near to a pond, which deputy considers as the property and where permits to nobody to fish. And to other person cut off gander already deduced to the house after quarrel with the people`s choice. Employees of gas service have simply approached and have chopped off possibility of distributing of fuel from a street pipe. On the application written in Office of Public Prosecutor Nikolay Kotelnikov has waved away: Yes there leak was! though any acknowledgement to it in the registration book of gas service and was not. After similar cases, naturally, peasants also have solved for themselves: gas in their villages is a private property of the deputy of the regional Duma. Will want - will connect, will wish - will cut off. And if has given OK, sincere to it for it gratitude and bow to the ground. As to necessity to pay in shares, and Not rouble for many it was unique possibility to spend gas. We will tell, are sounded on a rural descent of figure - 50 - 60 - 70 and where - that and for 100 thousand roubles from a farmstead, people ohajut - gasp: money such at the overwhelming majority never was. When already are going obrechenno to refuse blue fuel, there are people from Gazpolimerservisa which offer not for roubles, and for the earth to stretch a pipe. One share - for a street gas pipeline, another - for intrahouse obvjazku. And for many as a mount from shoulders: it is not necessary to search for money, it is not necessary to cut last cattle.

However, there are two moments which should be considered in this scheme. In - the first, the called sums in most cases any estimates did not prove to be true. And if to someone also has had the luck to see in Gazpolimerservise calculations to speak about their validity with peasants became nobody. In - the second, there are those who essentially differently concerns the share. Who sees in an allotment the most valuable property, the inheritance for the future children and grandsons, on a broader scale, the main component of way of life in village. And these people were ready to collect and occupy any sums if only not to leave the earth. However nobody has given options to them. all should pay off shares! - so the attention to the question was brought peasants. It also named peasants brought to court compulsion. However, Nikolay Kotelnikova`s lawyer has declared: all not so, is a question only of the offered choice. And who does not want, can and heat further fire wood. - that for a long time so heated?! - inhabitants of villages were indignant.

the Real situation assessment

Actually gas for peasants is a hope let on small, but simplification of unbounded household chores and problems. It is enough to visit any village, to communicate to people, to see, how much more strongly, than townspeople, their life pulls out, wears out heavy, oversaturated physical work and constant efforts life. Gas is a basic, qualitative step forward not simply in a direction of comfort of a life, but also decrease in the general of burden of burdens for countrymen. Gas is a reduction of unreasonable loadings, improvement of health and finally life expectancy increase by village. Not to mention that blue fuel - potential possibility to save in our village at least a part of youth which simply runs last decades in a city,   fairly believing: if the state needs to save village, it will make living conditions others. And gasification - the major stage on this way. That is why the situation in Of Elizabeth and Patokino can be considered only from the point of view of real life on village, instead of on abstract legal norms.
And more one serious problem was highlighted by the come to the end litigation: a wall of silence round an event in Buturlinovsky area. To whom behind the help peasants only were not converted! Their complaints went to the former governor, to Office of Public Prosecutor, in management of an agrarian policy and even to the President of Russia. From Moscow all came back for consideration in region, and here to people as if stamped nothing meaning formal replies. The unique person whom, having received the letter from inhabitants of villages, has undertaken at once real actions to understand a situation - the general director Voronezhregiongaza and Voronezhoblgaza Nikolay Karasikov who not so long ago has arrived to our region. The skilled business executive with the long-term experience of a management of a gas economy of the Lipetsk region, it has got used to work strictly under the law, standard base and the engineering specifications, instead of according to clan interests as quite often practises the Voronezh political and economic elite. Nikolay Karasikov rigidly took a situation in Buturlinovsky area under personal control, having directed   for check of the facts stated in the letter of peasants, the representative. As a result of check financially - district gas economic activities, the decision on Nikolay Kotelnikova`s dismissal from a post of the head " was accepted; Buturlinovkamezhrajgaza . Moreover, to obstinate peasants who for years pestered the deputy, in the shortest terms   have made connection and gas start-up in houses. Anybody is more in a current situation Nikolay Kotelnikov has not wanted to interfere


In end it would be desirable to give of Nikolay Kotelnikova`s word from its report on work of the deputy of the Voronezh regional Duma. The in itself material published on March, 31st, 2009 in the regional newspaper, is extremely curious. At least that, having signed the name article, Nikolay Kotelnikov speaks in it about   to itself in the third party. That it: complexities of attitude? Or a tribute to as to the people`s choice? And, can,   absence of elements of literacy? The last - hardly: Nikolay Stefanovich likes to underline that it the person well formed. Means, writes about itself in the third party, in style of great autocrats, quite meaningly.

As you understand, dear voters, questions of gasification at deput N. S.Kotelnikova, - the author of article N.S.Kotelnikov writes, - go a leitmotif of its deputy activity . It all voters in Buturlinovsky area, and not just those whom their elect has decided to involve for criticism in judicial responsibility really well understand.

But further Nikolay Stefanovich informs here that: Open Company Gazpolimerservis has provided building of street gas pipelines in with. Patokino and with. Of Elizabeth, it has spent 8,5 million own means. It is necessary to notice that there is a triple contract according to which the administration of Buturlinovsky area undertakes to pay the marked sum but while the administration does not hurry up to carry out of the obligations .

very curious information. After all in contracts of purchase and sale of the earth, consisting between peasants and Open Company Gazpolimerservis there is no speech about gas. Under documents, people have simply sold this company the ground shares for 12 - 12,5 thousand roubles. Naturally, this money from installed gas was not paid to anybody for shares. That is peasants directly in gasification of money did not put. From the accounting point of view of a pipe pulled Gazpolimerservis from own means. A leah about them writes in the report Nikolay Kotelnikov? A leah these 8,5 million the rbl. spent for gasification Of Elizabeth and Patokino, should firm of the deputy compensate from the municipal budget? But after all Gazpolimerservis has already received from the population ground shares for which has not given real money, and it is simple zachel the earth on account of a pipe.

If so exists very important two questions. The first: as Open Company accounts department " on a broader scale has issued; Gazpolimerservis   numerous contracts with peasants.   who and when has paid taxes under made transactions? Probably, to tax departments there is a sense to understand this uneasy scheme.

And the second, most important question - for what will compensate the municipal budget of 8,5 million roubles Gazpolimerservisu if this company has already received payment for the laid pipe shares? Or Nikolay Kotelnikov will prefer during any moment to forget about the received ground shares: after all they were simply are bought its firm?

the Similar situation smells slightly already trial not apropos honour and worthiness and infringement of the criminal legislation. Probably, the similar course of thought also has led to that on February, 2nd, 2009 the Pavlovsk interdistrict investigatory department of investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region has made the decision to file criminal charges on signs of the crime provided ch. 2 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. By this time in connection with the importance of this business it is passed in regional investigatory committee. While investigation goes upon instead of concerning concrete persons. However taking into account on what facts inspectors work, it is impossible to exclude and that Nikolay Kotelnikov through any time will appear again in a court hall, but already in other occasion.

P. S. In the end of last week the situation in Buturlinovke was commented by governor Alexey Gordeyev:

is, of course, scandalous things. Now there is an investigation and if all these facts prove to be true,   the deputy, in this case citizen Nikolay Kotelnikov merits the most serious punishment. The government of area and I as the governor we take all it under personal control.

If to speak about morally - a business ethical aspect the situation simply is not entered in any frameworks. I as the high councillor of party an United Russia I will be converted into the regional organisation with the request for Nikolay Kotelnikova`s exception of members an United Russia .